Paulette Hunter

    • Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
    • St. Thomas More College
    • 1437 College Drive Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W6
    • Phone: 306.966.2175
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    • B.A. (Honours) University of Regina
    • M.A. University of Regina
    • Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) University of Regina

    Research Interests

    • Psychological interventions to promote health and quality of life
    • Stigma and personhood in dementia
    • Behavioural support in long-term care
    • End of life in long-term care


    Research Projects

    • Partnering Together to Improve Palliative Care in Long Term Care Homes. Funded by the CIHR Partnerships for Health System Improvement (PHSI) Program. Kaasalainen, S. (NPI), Costello, A., Hunter P.V., Neves, P., Sussman, T., Thompson, G., Venturato, L. (co-PIs) et al. $740,000 over 3 years and across four provinces (2015-2018).
    • The Feasbility, Acceptability, and Effects of the Namaste Care Program for Residents with Advanced Dementia in Long Term Care. Funded by the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Kaasalainen S (PI) , Hunter, P.V. (site lead), dal Bello-Haas V, Dolovich L, Froggatt K, Hadjistavropoulos T, Markle-Reid M, Ploeg J, Thabane L, van der Steen J, & Volicer L. $119,780 over 2 years (2015-2017).
    • Promoting social engagement, independence and productivity of older adults using participatory action research, Donna Goodridge, (PI), Candace Skrapek, Michael Gertler, Fred Khonje, Audra Kreuger, Elizabeth Quinlan, Doug Surtees, Rosemary Venne, & Paulette Hunter; funded by SSHRC. $74,955 over 2 years (2014-2016).
    • Montessori-based interventions for long-term care residents with dementia and a series of other projects on quality of life during older adulthood, with the Community and Research Alliance for Quality of Life in Older Adults, co-investigator with Hadjistavropoulos, T. (PI), Thorpe, L., Whiting, S., Alfano, D., Malloy, D., Kaasalainen, S, Dal Bellos Haas, V., Lix, L, Hunter, P.V. & Martin, R. (Co-Is); funded by Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. $717,881 over 3 years (2014-2017).

    Selected Publications and Presentations

    • Eritz, H., Hadjistavropoulos, T., Williams, J., Einarson, K., Martin, R., Lix, L., & Hunter, P.V. (available online ahead of print). A Life History Intervention for Individuals with Dementia: Nursing Staff Empathy, Perceived Patient Personhood and Aggressive Behaviours. Ageing & Society.
    • Pickard, L, Hunter, P.V., & Kaasalainen, S. (2016). Introducing an end-of-life care program for people with dementia: Namaste CareTM. Psynopsis.
    • Hunter, P.V., Hadjistavropoulos, T., Thorpe, L., Lix, L. & Malloy, D.C. (2016) The influence of individual and organizational factors on person-centred dementia care. Aging & Mental Health, 20(7). (Special issue on person-centred care.)
    • Hunter, P.V., Hadjistavropoulos, T., & Kaasalainen, S. (2016). A qualitative study of nursing assistants’ awareness of person-centred approaches to dementia care. Ageing & Society, 36(6), 1211-1237.
    • Hadjistavropoulos, T., Williams, J., Kaasalainen, S., Hunter, P.V., Savoie, M. & Wickson-Griffiths, A. (2016). Increasing the frequency and timeliness of pain assessment and management in long-term care: Knowledge transfer and sustained implementation. Pain Research and Management.
    • Williams, J., Hadjistavropoulos, T., Ghandehari, O. O., Malloy, D. C., Hunter, P.V., Martin. R. R. (2015). Resilience and organisational empowerment among long-term care nurses: effects on patient care and absenteeism. Journal of Nursing Management.
    • Venne, R., Goodridge, D., Quinlan, E., & Hunter, P.V. (2015) Let’s talk about dying: Proposals for encouraging discussion of advance care planning. International Journal of Aging and Society, 5 (4), 33-46.
    • McKay-McNabb, K. & Hunter, P.V. (2014). Cultural Considerations for the Psychological Wellbeing of Canadian Aboriginal Communities. Psynopsis.
    • Goodridge, D., Quinlan, E., Venne, R., Hunter, P.V., & Surtees, D. (2013). Planning for serious illness by the general public: A population-based survey. ISRN Family Medicine.
    • Hunter, P.V., Hadjistavropoulos, T., Smythe, W., Malloy, D., Kaasalainen, S., & Williams, J. (2013). The Personhood in Dementia Questionnaire (PDQ): Establishing an association between beliefs about personhood and health providers' approaches to person-centred care. Journal of Aging Studies, 27(3), 276–287.
    • Hunter, P.V., Hadjistavropoulos, T., & O’Connell, M.E. (2013). Psychologists respond to the needs of our aging population. Psynopsis, 35(2), 9.
    • Ghandehari, O. O., Hadjistavropoulos, T., Williams, J., Thorpe, L., Alfano, D. P., Dal Bello Haas, V., Malloy, D. C., Martin. R. R., Rahaman, O., Zwakhalen, S. M. G., Carleton, R. N., Hunter, P. V., & Lix, L. (2012). A controlled investigation of continuing pain education forlong-term care staff. Pain Research and Management, 18(1),11-18.
    • Dever Fitzgerald, T., Hunter, P.V., Hadjistavropoulos, T., & Koocher, G. P. (2010). Ethical and Legal Considerations for Internet-Based Psychotherapy. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 39(3), 173–187.
    • Hadjistavropoulos, T., Hunter, P.V., & Dever Fitzgerald, T. (2009). Pain Assessment in Older Adults: Conceptual Issues and Clinical Challenges. Canadian Psychology, 50(4), 241- 254.
    • Hunter, P.V. & Antony, M.M. (2009). Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Emetophobia:  The Role of Interoceptive Exposure.  Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 16, 84-91.

    Teaching Responsibilities

    • PSY 120.3 (Biological and Cognitive Bases of Psychology)
    • PSY 121.3 (Social, Clinical, Cultural and Developmental Bases of Psychology)
    • PSY 216.3 (Psychology of Aging)
    • PSY 858.3 (Ethics in Clinical Psychology)

    Administrative Responsibilities

    • Member, Research Committee, St. Thomas More College
    • Member, Clinical Executive Committee, Department of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan