STM Religion and Culture Department

The Department of Religion and Culture at STM contributes to four distinct programs:

Our courses also contribute to several minors:

Our programs and courses teach the following employable skills:

  • Communication - reading, writing, speaking, listening, presenting arguments, visual literacy, cultural literacy
  • Critical thinking and problem solving - analysing, synthesising, evaluating, decision-making, creative and innovative thinking
  • Research - gathering and managing information, selecting and using apprpropriate sources of information, asking the right questions
  • Personal/Interpersonal - time management, engaging in reflective practices, setting and working toward goals, empathy, developing respect for diverse opions, values, and belief systems

Thinking About Declaring an Anthropology Major?

Thinking About Declaring an Archaeology Major?

Thinking About Declaring a Religion and Culture Major?

What can I do with this major?

STM Anthropology Courses

Anthropology Degree Requirements

What can I do with this major?

STM Archaeology Courses

Archaeology Degree Requirements

What can I do with this major?

STM Religious Studies Courses

Religion and Culture Degree Requirements

Tenure and Tenure-Stream Faculty

Mary Ann Beavis, (RLST), Department Head -


Heidi Epstein (RLST) -


Chris Hrynkow (RLST) -


Natalia Khanenko-Friesen (ANTH) -


Alisha Pomazon (RLST) -


Term Faculty:

Tina Greenfield (ARCH) -

Sessional Faculty:

Laura Foley (ANTH) -


Elaine Hulse (RLST) -


Christopher Lortie (RLST) -

Aileen Novecosky (RLST) -

Lesya Sabada (CTST) -