Entering Student Awards

Application Due October 1st


St. Thomas More College defines entering students as:
  • Students proceeding directly from high school to university, or
  • Students who have been out of high school for one or more years and have less than 18 credit units transferable to a program of study at the University of Saskatchewan.
To be eligible for St. Thomas More College Entering Student Scholarships a student must:
  • Be an entering student,
  • Be a self-declared St. Thomas More College student,
  • Be registered in at least 18 credit units of coursework as of the application deadline
    (9 credit units per term: SEP-APR), and
  • Be registered for 6 credit units of coursework through St. Thomas More College as of the application deadline (SEP-APR).
To be eligible for St. Thomas More College Entering Student Bursaries, in addition to the above, a student must:
  • Demonstrate financial need*

*Financial need will be assessed by filling out the 2017-2018 STM Financial Need Calculator for Entering Students: paws.usask.ca/go/awards.

Not sure if you are a self-declared St. Thomas More College student? Visit stmcollege.ca/selfdeclare to check. 
(St. Thomas More College student self-declaration is only available to Arts and Science students)


  • In any given year, the amount and awarding of each St. Thomas More College scholarship, award, and bursary is contingent upon the availability of funds.
  • A student may receive only one St. Thomas More College scholarship or award unless no other student is eligible for a specific scholarship.
  • A student may receive scholarships from both the University of Saskatchewan and St. Thomas More College with the following exception: Entering Students who have received one of the following U of S Best & Brightest scholarships:
    • President's First and Best Scholarship,
    • Chancellors’ Scholarship, or
    • U of S Entrance Scholarship (this is not one of the guaranteed entrance scholarships)

are not eligible for an entering student scholarship from St. Thomas More College. They can apply for the:
St. Thomas More College Entering Student Book Award.

  • Only scholarship, award, and bursary recipients will be notified via their official U of S email.
  • To receive a scholarship, award, or bursary the student must attend the:

Scholarships and Awards:
St. Thomas More College Awards Ceremony: Saturday, November 25, 2017 @ 2pm (tentative)
St. Thomas More College Awards Ceremony: Saturday, January 20, 2018 @ 2pm (tentative)

  • Becoming involved within the college community outside of classroom is a great way to get MORE out of your university experience.  Participation in student organizations and extracurricular activities will help your future applications for continuing student scholarships, awards and bursaries at St. Thomas More College.
    Visit discovermore.ca/community