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Dr. Terrence Downey
St. Thomas More College

College Secretary and Executive Assistant to the President


Cheryl Yuzwa

Administrative Assistant in the President's Office

Cherie Troesch
Cherie Troesch



On behalf of the faculty, staff and students, it is my privilege to extend a very warm welcome to St. Thomas More College, a Catholic liberal arts college federated with the University of Saskatchewan.

In joining St. Thomas More College (STM), you enter a scholarly community that operates in the venerable Catholic intellectual tradition, a treasured heritage of academic freedom, an appreciation that we are spiritual beings, and a respect for diversity of opinion and belief.  STM is inspired by the understanding that each one of us is unique; we believe that each and every person is characterized by an inherent dignity that deserves the utmost respect -- including those we disagree with, those who come from different cultures and speak different first languages, those who are from different religious traditions, those who think and look unlike ourselves.  We reach out to all, we respect our God given freedom of conscience and the integrity of those who do not share our customs or beliefs; we welcome debate and argument and reason not only because that is what is done in any good college and university, but also because God has given us minds with which to think and we have an obligation to use them to the full.  Indeed, this is what the world demands of good university graduates.   

All of us who teach and serve at STM recognize that we have been called to a unique and privileged opportunity to enable at this time and in this place a superior Catholic college that is focused on providing students an appreciation of their own abilities, an understanding of a calling in life, a desire to seek meaning and purpose.  This is an educational vision that is student-centred, characterized by teaching excellence and small classes focused on preparing students to speak and write effectively, where all matters including faith and belief can be discussed, debated and contemplated in a respectful setting.  STM is a place that consistently invites and enables students to develop the disciplined habits of mind, body and spirit that define the well-educated individual.

STM provides the best of both worlds for students: an intimate academic community within one of Canada’s premier universities, the University of Saskatchewan.  While qualifying for a degree from this distinguished university, you can at the same time benefit from taking courses at STM in a scholarly environment that facilitates engaged learning, enables regular interaction with your professors, and provides a friendly and    welcoming atmosphere for all students.


Terrence J. Downey, PhD