Our Mission

rlst classAs the Catholic liberal arts college federated with the University of Saskatchewan, St. Thomas More College courageously explores the "riches of revelation and of nature so that the united endeavour of intelligence and faith will enable people to come to the full measure of their humanity" (Ex corde ecclesiae, 5). We are an inclusive community open to all persons.

Through our teaching we are devoted to a partnership of learning and growth with our students which addresses the synthesis of faith and reason in all aspects of the human condition.

The creative discovery of truth and its open dissemination nourishes our life as teachers and members of the wider academic and Catholic intellectual community.

As a Catholic college we are called to share in Christ's service to the people of God. Thus, the work of our college is not an end in itself, but must find application for the good of humanity.

Our Vision

St. Thomas More College will nurture its identity as a Catholic liberal arts college, and fulfill its calling as an exemplary embodiment of the Catholic intellectual tradition in Canada.