The Centre for Faith, Reason, Peace, and Justice is dedicated to fostering excellence in teaching, research, and community outreach in three of STM’s interdisciplinary and distinctive program areas:
  Catholic Studies, engaging the intersections of faith, reason, and culture in Catholic traditions.
  Critical Perspectives on Social Justice and the Common Good, exploring expressionsof justice and solidarity across diverse cultures and contexts.
  Peace Studies, concerned with the analysis and creative transformation of conflict.

The CFRPJ will achieve these goals by:

  • Animating in St. Thomas More College (STM) students a passion for learning and service in the areas of faith and reason along with peace and justice.
  • Sponsoring and partnering to deliver engaging conferences, lectures, and panels, which touch upon one or more of the Centre’s key areas.
  • Hosting film nights introduced for their relevance to the Centre’s key fields and followed by a short panel and open conversation.
  • Acting as a link between (1) non-profit organizations and community groups active in one or more of the Centre’s areas, and, (2) STM faculty whose expertise can benefit those organizations and groups.
  • Teaching, research, and outreach support for STM faculty undertaking community-based projects in Saskatchewan relating to the Centre’s key areas.
  • Recruiting students, managing, and delivering academic programs in Catholic Studies, Critical Perspectives on Social Justice and the Common Good, and Peace Studies.
  • Celebrating the work and experiences of STM students involved with Centre’s programming.
  • Friend-raising to create a core contact list of people and groups interested in the Centre and its activities.
  • Establishing a social media presence to promote the Centre’s activities and share information related to the Centre’s three fields.



CFRPJ Sponsored Events