Order of Canada Recipients at St. Thomas More College

The distinguished careers and accomplishments of a significant number of STM’s former students, award recipients, former and current faculty members have been recognized by appointment to the Order of Canada.  To date 19 Order of Canada recipients have been identified as listed below; this is as remarkable record for STM.  We invite our alumni to submit names of other Order of Canada recipients that may have been overlooked.  STM is proud to display a plaque recognizing all of the College's Order of Canada recipients.

Order of Canada Recipients at St. Thomas More College:

  • Thomas Courchene, OC
  • Edgar Dosman, CM
  • James Dosman, OC
  • Irene Dubé, CM
  • Leslie Dubé, CM
  • Alphonse Mathias Gerwing, CM
  • Frederick Hill, CM
  • Daniel Ish, OC
  • Henry Kloppenburg, CM
  • Otto Lang, OC
  • Francis Leddy, OC
  • Mary-Jo Leddy, OC
  • W. Thomas Molloy, OC
  • Edmund J. McCorkell, CSB, CM
  • Eloise Opheim, CM
  • Walter Podiluk, CM
  • Andre Poilievre, CM
  • Guy C. Vanderhaeghe, OC
  • Peter E. Zakreski, CM