Historical Background

The Red Mass, introduced in England in the reign of Edward I in 1310, traditionally was celebrated to invoke inspiration of the Holy Spirit on behalf of those involved in the administration of justice. It, therefore, has a particular significance for judges, lawyers, police officers and others associated with the legal process. It takes its familiar name from the colors of the different judicial robes and that of vestments worn by the presider of the liturgy.

In collaboration with members of Saskatoon's legal community and the STM Lawyers' Guild of Saskatoon, a Red Mass is celebrated each fall in the STM Chapel.

The St. Thomas More Lawyers' Guild of Saskatoon Inc. was incorporated by a group of Saskatoon Lawyers in June of 2002. The Guild was created to enhance appreciation for the observance of integrity and the highest ethical standards in the practice of law and in the administration of justice as demonstrated by its namesake, Thomas More. The Guild strives to promote fellowship and spiritual growth throughout the legal community.

St. Thomas More Lawyers’ Guild of Saskatoon Inc. is a non-GST registrant.

For further information regarding the St. Thomas More Lawyers Guild, please contact:
Guild president Marie Stack at m.stack@mckercher.ca

If you require any further information on the Red Mass Banquet, please contact:
Karen Massett at 306.966.8918 or kmassett@stmcollege.ca

The 2017 Red Mass will be held on Friday, November 24. Mass at 5:30 p.m., Dinner at 6:30 p.m.

Guest Speaker: Martin Phillipson, Dean, College of Law, University of Saskatchewan

Special Guest: Very Reverend Bishop Mark Hagemoen