The St. Thomas More-Newman Alumni Association is committed to building a strong social, intellectual, and spiritual community of STM and Newman alumni by encouraging their lifelong involvement with the College and with each other.  Through its support of the College and its mission, the Association strives to enrich the lives of its alumni and friends everywhere.


  •    To nurture relationships with current and future alumni and engage them in the life of the College
  •    To coordinate and promote programs and events that instill good will and pride, and provide opportunities for professional growth and social interaction
  •    To promote and enhance effective communications between the College and its alumni 
  •    To ensure the quality of our future alumni by continuing to assist the College in identifying and recruiting future students 
  •    To encourage financial support of the institution

2016-2017 Alumni Association Board :
President                   Sylvia Regnier (BA '70) 
Vice President            Vacant
Past President            Vacant
Treasurer                   Vacant
Chaplain                    Fr. Ron Griffin
Member at Large        Art Battiste (BA '63)
Member at Large        Angeline Battiste (BA '66)
Member at Large        Kathie Jeffrey
Member at Large        Michael MacLean (BA '93) (BED '96) (MRE '13)
Member at Large        Madeline Oliver (BA '94)
Member at Large        Constance Woloschuk (BED '89)
Member at Large        Gertrude Rompré ('91)

Join the STM-Newman Alumni Association Board! 
The STM-Newman Alumni Association Board is looking for new members.

The association board of directors is an active and committed group of volunteers who work to support and develop programs and events that benefit alumni and the College.

We need your help.  Join us and reconnect with fellow alumni, make new acquaintances and help to make a real difference in the lives of STM alumni and students.  

For more information on how you can become involved with YOUR Alumni Association, contact
STM Director of Development, Karen Massett at 306.966.8918 or