Spiritual Mentorship

One of our aims is to mentor students as they integrate their learning with their faith and make sense of the world.  Spiritual mentoring essentially involves one person walking alongside another as a companion on the journey of faith to help them answer the questions: "Who is God?", "Who am I in Christ?", and "To what has God called me as I live out my life."  The campus ministers at St. Thomas More College are always happy to accompany you on your journey of faith.  For more information, please contact Campus Ministry.

Catholic Update
If you've recently completed the RCIA and want to continue growing in faith, or if you're simply looking to refresh your knowledge about Catholicism, then Catholic Update might be just for you!  Bi-weekly or monthly sessions, depending on participant schedules.  Discussion topics selected based on individual interest.
For more information, or to sign-up, please contact Fr. Andre Lalach.



Are you trying to discern if marriage is right for you, or how to navigate this important stage of your life? Are you considering service in the Church?  Campus Ministry can help you in your discernment process.