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ANTH 111.3 — 1/2(3L)
One World Many Peoples Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


ANTH 227.3 — 1/2(3L)
Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe


ANTH 233.3 — 1(2L-1S)
Anthropological Perspectives on Contemporary Ukraine


ANTH 235.3 — 1/2(3L)
Anthropological Approaches to Ethnicity and Ethnic Groups


ANTH 236.3 — 1/2(3L)
Ethnicity in Action Ukrainian Canadian Experience


ANTH 330.3 — 1/2(1.5L-1.5S)

Oral History and Storytelling Anthropological Perspectives


ANTH 354.3 — 1/2(2L-1S)
Ritual Spaces in Ukrainian Culture