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ARCH 112.3 — 1/2(3L)
The Human Journey Introduction to Archaeology and Biological Anthropology

ARCH 116.3 — 1/2(3L)
Introduction to Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology

ARCH 244.3 — 1/2(3L)
Archaeology and Cultural Development Ancient Israel and Syria Late Bronze Age to Hellenistic Period

ARCH 252.3 — 1/2(3L-1P)
Near Eastern Archaeological Field Work


ARCH 257.3 — 1/2(3L)
Archaeology of Ancient Egypt


ARCH 258.3 — 1/2(3L)
Archaeology of Ancient Mesopotamia


ARCH 356.3 — 1/2(2L-1S)
Development of Complex Cultures in Eastern Mediterranean and Near Eastern Regions


ARCH 385.3 — 1/2(3L-1P)
Computer Applications in Archaeology


ARCH 465.3 — 1/2(3L)
Spatial Analysis of Archaeological Data