Please join us at STM for the upcoming Lectures in 2018:

The Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage presents the 2018 Mohyla Lecture

"One Hundred Years of Ukrainian Modern Statehood"

A century ago the Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR) declared independence thus breaking ties with Russia while establishing a modern democratic Ukrainian state. Was this viewed as a continuation of the longer Ukrainian historical tradition of statehood? In what way did the proclamation and defeat of the UNR influence twentieth-century struggles for a free and independent Ukraine, which emerged in 1991? Is the current conflict with Russia a replay of the "hybrid war" the Bolsheviks conducted against the UNR in 1918? What are the lessons to be learned?
These and other questions are explored by

Prof. Serhy Yekelchyk, University of Victoria

February 15, 2018
STM - Shannon Library

St. Thomas More College and the UofS College of Arts and Science present:

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) Colloquium Series

"Yes Preaching to the Birds! Clare and Francis of Assisi as Wellsprings of Socio-Ecological Wisdom"
Presented by Dr. Christopher Hrynkow

February 15, 2018
STM - Room 200

CMRS II 2018

St. Thomas More College Students' Union (STMSU) presents the annual John Thompson Lecture

"Preparing Future Leaders In the Age of Technology: Leadership Formation on the Frontiers of Quantum Computing: A Conversation with Dr. Terry Downey on the Role of Catholic Higher Education"
STM President Dr. Terrence Downey in conversation with students

February 27, 2018
STM Student Lounge

Created by STMSU in 2005, the annual John Thompson Lecture series provides opportunities for students and STM scholars to engage in meaning discussions.

Thomson Lecture 2018


"A Victory for One is a Victory for All: Labour and Socialist Women Campaign for the Right to Vote"

GUEST LECTURER:  Dr. Joan I. Sangster, FRSC
Vanier Professor, Trent University
Director, Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies

March 7, 2018
STM - Room TBD

St. Thomas More College and the Saskatchewan Center for Science and Religion present:

"Religion, Science, and World-Making: From Whole Earth to Astrobiology"

Presented by guest lecturer Lisa H. Sideris (Department of Religious Studies, Indiana University)  

March 26, 2018
STM - Room 140

Lectures - 2018 (Recent)

STM Religion and Culture Department presents:

Religion and Culture Colloquium Series III

“Imagining Identity: Enshrining the Hermeneutics of Dialogue and Reflexivity within the Practices of Catholic Higher Education”

This presentation explores how people experience the religious identity of their workplaces, in this case Catholic higher education institutions in Canada. Using a critical realist lens, and applying critical grounded theory within the domain of higher education, it seeks to understand how the experience of an explicitly religious institutional identity shapes individual capacity to exercise agency in its regard. In doing so, the presenter proposes a way of conceptualizing Catholic institutional identity that is dialogical and capable of both respecting the Catholic intellectual tradition and responding to current needs, characterizing this negotiated identity as a ‘balancing-act’. This presentation also maps the evolution of ‘identity-carriers’ within these institutions. Finally, the presenter argues for the creation of reflexive spaces, which allow individuals to discern how their own personal life-projects/identities relate to the Catholic institutional identity of their workplaces. While focusing on the context of Canadian Catholic higher education, this presentation will also contribute to the wider discourse on Catholic identity, institutional identity, and, critical realist social theory.

This session will be given by Gertrude Rompré who is a doctoral student in the Centre for Higher Education Studies at the University of Liverpool. She also serves as the Director of Mission and Ministry at St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan

STM Religion and Culture Department presents:
Religion and Culture Colloquium Series

“Nothing but a False Sense of Security”: Mapping and Critically Assessing Papal Support for a World Free from Nuclear Weapons
Presented by Dr. Chris Hrynkow

January 11, 2018
4:30 - 6pm
STM - Room 260

STM Religion and Culture Department and the UofS College of Arts and Science present:

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) Colloquium Series

"Dining with the Assyrians: cuisine, consumption, and sacrifice at Ziyaret Tepe"
Presented by Dr. Tina Greenfield

January 18, 2018
STM - Room 200

STM Philosophy Department presents:

"A Study and Critical Analysis of Acuinas's Arguments for the Existence of God"
with Special Guest Lecturer Professor Jack MacIntosh (University of Calgary)

January 19, 2018
3:30 - 5pm
STM - Room 1001

STM Religion and Culture Department presents:
Religion and Culture Colloquium Series II

Mission and Migration: Korean/Canadians in The United Church of Canada

There are a growing number of Korean/Canadian congregations in The United Church and a growing number of Korean/Canadian clergy serving largely Caucasian congregations in the same. This presentation will situate this growth within the current phenomenon of international migration. It will examine typical aspects of Korean/Canadian experiences of migration, theological resources that speak to this, and the mission for Korean/Canadians in the United Church that arises out of it.

Jointly presented by Donald Schweitzer (PhD; McDougald Professor of Theology at St. Andrews College) and HyeRan Kim-Cragg (ThD; Lydia Gruchy Professor of Pastoral Studies at St. Andrews College)

January 25, 2018
STM - Room 260


De Margerie Ecumenical Lecture

"Surprised by Unity - finding openess in ways we hadn't planned"
Guest Speaker Rev. Dr. Susan Durber

January 25, 2018
STM - Father O'Donnell Auditorium