2017 Conferences and Lectures

De Margerie Ecumenical Lecture Series

January 26, 2017

Reformation Today: From Conflict to Communion, Together in Hope

Dr. Dirk Lange

Social Justice Lecture

February 9, 2017

Ecumenism on the Peacelines: Building Communities of Reconcilliation in the Midst of Northern Irish Troubles

Mohyla Lecture

February 17, 2017

20th Annual Mohyla Lecture.  Evolution of Ukraine's Media Since Independence

PCUH Ukrainian Language Assessment Symposium

October 13-14, 2017

29th Annual Michael Keenan Memorial Lecture

November 2, 2017 


Dr. Eric McLuhan's Youtube Chanel posted the lecture.


"Catholicism and Communication: The Sensus Communis, Synesthesia, and the Soul"


 Dr. Eric McLuhan


For many centuries, it has been a commonplace that “there is nothing in the mind that is not first in the senses.” Human experience involves several groups of senses—the five or more bodily senses,the four intellectual  senses (of Scripture and equally of poetry and prose), and the three spiritual senses (the theological virtues). Each group forms an organic unit—a sensus communis—in which the members co-operate. The several groups, too, communicate with each other synesthetically. Marshall McLuhan used this understanding to found his own approach to the study of communication media. It differs radically from the universal “transportation” model, and it is uniquely capable of making sense of how of electric technologies from the telegraph to the Internet and cyberspace transform us and our world.