Gerald R. Farthing (STM Acting Department Head, Sociology)

    • Associate Professor, Psychology
    • St. Thomas More College
    • 1437 College Drive Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W6
    • Phone: 306.966.8925
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    • Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in 1975
    • M.A. from the University of Saskatchewan in 1971
    • B. A. Honors from the University of Saskatchewan in 1970

    Research Interests

    • Stress, coping and resiliency in children who are embroiled in custody disputes.
    • Mood and eating disorders in children and adolescents.
    • Friendships, romance and intimacy in adolescents.

    Research Projects

    • Parallel parenting orders in custody disputes with Lindsay Robertson
    • Emerging adulthood in carded athletes, workers in the labour force and in post secondary education with Selina Elm
    • Eating behaviors and identity with Kimberley Makela
    • Adolescent intimacy with Valeriya Bravo

    Selected Publications and Presentations

    • CPA poster presentation: Obstacles to Parallel Parenting in High Conflict Divorce

    Teaching Responsibilities

    • Second year class in Child Development (Psy 213)
    • Third year lab class in social and emotional development.(Psy 315 & 316)
    • Graduate class in Psychological Therapies (Psy 850)

    Administrative Responsibilities

    • Executive of the Sport and Exercise Psychology Section of The Canadian Psychological Association.
    • Director of the Psychology Services Center in the Psychology Clinical program at the University of Saskatchewan
    • STM Academic Planning committee
    • Faculty Council Representative to the STM Board of Governors
    • Tenure and promotion committees