Courtnay Konshuh

    • Lecturer (Term), History
    • St. Thomas More College
    • 1437 College Drive Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W6
    • Phone: 306.966.8938
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    • PhD History and Literature, University of Winchester, 2014
    • MA History, Classics, and Medieval English, University of Tübingen, 2006
    • BA History, McGill University, 2002

    Research Interests

    • Anglo-Saxon history and literature
    • Old English language
    • Vikings
    • Medieval identity formation
    • Historiography
    • History of the book

    Research Projects

    • Old English/Cree Wanderer, University of Saskatchewan, Dec 2016. Presentation of Old English poem the Wanderer alongside Joseph Naytowhow's presentation of the Cree translation
    • Magna Carta Through the Ages, Society of Antiquaries, London. May-July 2015.
    • Transcription and catalogue description of two versions of the Magna Carta for their exhibition:
    • Blackburn’s Worthy Citizen: The Philanthropic Legacy of RE Hart, Senate House, London. 5-27 November 2013.
    • Co-organiser of exhibition on illuminated manuscripts and incunabula of RE Hart’s collection in Blackburn Museum; Organiser of associated conference.

    Selected Publications and Presentations

    • “Anraed in their Unraed: The Æthelredian Annals (983-1016) and their Presentation of King and Advisors” in: English Studies 97.2 (2016): 140-162.
    • “Fighting with a lytle werode: a Ninth-Century Formula in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle” in: The Medieval Chronicle X (2016): 95-117.
    • With R. Lavelle: “Chronicles of the Conquered” in: History Today (Oct 2016): 14-20.
    • “Katharina von Mecklenburg, Herzogin von Sachsen” in: Biographisches Lexikon für Mecklenburg. Vol 7. ed. Andreas Röpke. Rostock: Schmid - Römhild, 2013: 163-166.
    • Medieval English: Language and Literature. 4th ed. Fritz Kemmler and Courtnay Konshuh. Tübingen: Narr, 2008.

    Teaching Responsibilities

    Fall 2017
    HIST 205.3 61 Europe and World 1000 to 1300
    HIST 309.3 61 Crusades and Aftermath

    Spring 2018
    CMRS 111.3 Medieval and Renaissance Civilization
    HIST 115.3 62 History Matters Ideas and Culture: History of Education
    HIST 307.3 62 Medieval and Renaissance Biography: Charlemagne and Alfred the Great