Thank you for choosing Choices at St. Thomas More. What is Choices at St. Thomas More? Choices at St. Thomas More is the hospitality service offered by STM College in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Choices provides full-service catering, and operates a high-end cafeteria open to the public.


Choices catering services are available year round. The service are available both internally at STM and externally throughout Saskatoon. The Choices team is capable of providing service for groups large and small. We take pride in servicing a varied and diverse range of events from meetings, coffee breaks, intimate dinners in your home to gala weddings. Choices has built a reputation throughout Saskatoon of offering exceptional catering service.


Choices at St. Thomas More is a full-service cafeteria open to the public Monday to Friday for breakfast and lunch. During the regular school year, Choices serves approximately 350 guests per day.  The menu, food quality, service and price are what attracts customers to Choices. The cafeteria menu is largely influenced by the international community and by its experienced and worldly chefs. The Choices team takes pride in knowing that the soups, sauces and entrees created are made from scratch using fresh, wholesome and nutritious ingredients. The Choices team understands the importance of being sustainable. For this reason, Choices is proud to serve local meats, local vegetable, breads and fair-trade coffee. The Choices team provides their guests with biodegradable serving supplies and has committed themselves to using biodegradable chemicals and cleaning agents.

The Choices Team

Together with his Culinary Team, Executive Chef Chris Daniels has established a reputation for exceptional taste, quality and presentation. Chef Daniels takes pride in fostering and nurturing a positive team culture committed to continued growth and improvement. Our chefs are passionate, proud and committed to preparing fresh, seasonal culinary creations customized to suit any event. The Choices Team is comprised of skilled, artistic and passionate individuals who come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Choices customers often note the uniqueness of internationally flavoured and inspired creations. Catering Policy April 2016 Thank you for choosing CHOICES at St. Thomas More to cater your event.   CHOICES at St. Thomas More is committed to creating the best catering experience for each of its customers.

Catering Policies

  1. To ensure full menu availability, final menu selections and attendance numbers must be confirmed seven (7) business days prior to the event.
  2. Every effort will be made to accommodate short notice requests, however, please note there may be limited availability.
  3. Special meal requirements, allergies and dietary substitutions are available upon request and must be arranged seven (7) business days prior to the event.
  4. The final bill will reflect the amount ordered and will not be adjusted based on consumption
  5. All food and beverage are subject to applicable taxes and a 15% service charge. Prices are subject to change without notice
  6. Disposable plates, napkins and cutlery are provided at $1.00 charge per person with all catering orders unless otherwise specified.
  7. All prices are subject to change
  8. If your event exceeds the scheduled completion time, an additional overtime staff charge may apply.
  9. Plates, cutlery and glassware are available to replace disposable wares at your catered event at an additional charge of $4.50/person
  10. Linen napkins are available for rent for an additional charge of $1.50/person. Tablecloths are available for rent $6.00/piece.
  11. CHOICES at St. Thomas More will make arrangements to pick up catering equipment within 48 hours of the event. Any lost or misplaced items are the responsibility of the client and will be included on your invoice.
  12. Based on Saskatchewan Health and Food Safety guidelines, any leftover food and beverage remains the property of CHOICES at St. Thomas More and may not be removed. Buffet service will be restricted to a maximum of three (3) hours.
  13. All deliveries are subject to a $20 delivery fee

Liquor Policies

  • SLGA regulations do not allow any homemade alcoholic products to be served.
  • Food must be made available at all events with liquor service.
  • No beverages may leave the premises.
  • Policy requires approval of Chief Financial Officer as well as other restrictions
  • Must fill out an Application for a Function at which Liquor will be Served (Must be approved at least seven (7) working days prior to event) through the Main office. or 306-966-8900
  • All liquor served in the facility is to be provided by Choices (this includes all beer, spirits and wine), therefore no additional corkage charges will apply.


Bar Pricing

  • All events requesting alcohol are subject to a $25 liquor license fee
  • $30/hour per bartender for a minimum of 3 hours, Complimentary bartender(s) if bar sales reach $500 or more. $30/hour per bartender, will apply if bar sales are less than $500. One bartender per 70 people is required
  • Setup one hour prior to event time and tear down one hour following
  • Disposable packaging; plastic wine and beer glasses @$1.00/person
  • Glassware available if requested @ $4.50/person
  • $75 setup fee if spirits added (includes mix, ice and garnishes)

Bar Prices

$6.00 1 oz Highballs
$6.00 Domestic beer
$7.00 1 oz Caesar
$7.00 Wine
$7.50 Import beer
$10.00 1 oz Scotch
$32.00 Bottle of House Wine 


Host Bar Service: The client is billed for all drinks served.

Cash Bar with Host Tickets: The client will receive a roll of host tickets to hand out to guests. The remainder of drinks will be paid for with cash by guests. The client is only billed for redeemed host tickets. If Bar is setup in Cafeteria, Debit and Credit payment is available

Cash Bar Service: All drinks are paid for with cash by guests. If Bar is setup in Cafeteria, Debit and Credit payment is available.

Room Rental Rates

  • Must Fill out a Facility Use Request Form with the Main Office or 306-966-8900
  • Policy requires approval of Chief Financial Officer as well as other restrictions

Auditorium: $150.00 per hour (includes the use of the podium/microphone and projector as it is normally configured)
Classroom/Boardrooms/Seminar Rooms: $80.00 per hour (does NOT include the use of the AV equipment)
Cafeteria: $100.00 per hour (does NOT include any AV equipment)
                   Rental fee waived if more than $2000 spent on catering at Choices
Atrium: $150.00 per hour (does NOT include any audio/visual equipment)
Rate for extra Maintenance when building is closed: $60.00 per hour plus GST

Information Technology & AV Equipment:

If you require AV or IT Services for your event, please contact or phone through the college main office 306-966-8900.  Contact the IT department to discuss details of your requirements and obtain a cost estimate when necessary.  Contact must be made at least two weeks prior to your event.  IT and AV support and equipment is not guaranteed to be available.  Options will be discussed when we are contacted by you.

Rate Table (for information purposes only)

Classroom or Cafeteria (equipment charge)                                 $45.00 per hr.
Auditorium (extra equipment) or Atrium (equipment charge)    $60.00 per hr.
Operator/Technician – 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                                 $40.00 per hr.
Operator/Technician – Evenings & Weekends                             $80.00 per hr.
All equipment charges are for the duration of your booking, not just the portion that the equipment is in use.

Important: Please advise STM on required Information Technology & Equipment services upon booking the event. Changes to Information Technology & Equipment services cannot be guaranteed. If STM provides these additional Information Technology & Equipment services, described charges will apply.   Reduction in Information Technology & Equipment services will not result in any reduction of the original agreed upon Information Technology & Equipment services charge (subject to increases as described above).

To Order Catering

Choices at St. Thomas More accepts catering orders Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. The minimum order for delivery is $250.  After 3:00 pm and on weekends, extra fees will apply. 

All orders require confirmation from Choices. This is important to note if you have placed an order outside of our business hours, over the weekend or after our daily cut-off ordering time.

Business Hours                                                                             

Peak Season (September – April) 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Summer Season (May – August) 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Note: Catering services are available outside of our regular business hours. Special rates apply!

Delivery Hours                                                                        

Choices at St. Thomas More regular delivery hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. Delivery service is available outside of our regular business hours upon request. We are closed on all statutory holidays.


As part of our special events catering service, Choices at St. Thomas More is happy to arrange rentals required for your event, including the rental of linens, china, glassware, serving dishes, tables and other requirements. Choices at St. Thomas More charges applicable fees for this service. Customer are responsible for payment of rental and any damaged or lost rental equipment. Room rentals are available at St. Thomas More College. To book a room, please contact the STM main office at 306-966-8900 If you have further question about Choices, please feel free to contact us.  Contact Information Chris Daniels- Executive Chef


1437 College Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 0W6
Phone 306-966-6006
FAX 306-966-8904
EMAIL  Choices on Instagram