October 9, 2019

Behind the Wire: Civilian Internment in the British Empire, 1914-1919

October 28 – December 15
Wine and Cheese reception: Tuesday, 5 November, 7:00 pm
Behind the Wire: Civilian Internment in the British Empire, 1914-1919 is a travelling display organized by Aston University (Birmingham, UK) and Edinburgh Napier University (Edinburgh, Scotland) in partnership with Archaeology Scotland and the Internment Research Centre, Hawick Museum (Hawick, Scotland). The exhibition is hosted by the Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage (PCUH) in association with St. Thomas More Art Gallery.

The exhibit marks the centenary end of the Great War. It focuses on the global phenomenon of WWI civilian internment, but draws especially on the specific experience in the British empire from Britain to Australia, India to South Africa, and, of course, Canada. Using period photographs and referencing documents, differences and similarities are explained. Underlying the experience everywhere, however, was a policy that targeted immigrant minorities under the pretext of security, an issue that continues to have relevance today.

The guest speaker at our November 5th, 7:00 pm reception is Prof. Stefan Manz, Professor of German and Global History and Head of Languages and Translation Studies, Aston University. He is the author of Constructing a German Diaspora: The “Greater German Empire,” 1871-1914 (2014) and more recently co-editor of Internment during the First World War: A Mass Global Phenomenon (2019).

St. Thomas More Gallery wishes to thank Dr. Bohdan Kordan, Professor in the Department of Political Studies at STM and founding Director of the PCUH (1998-2004) for organizing this exhibition.

September 3, 2019

One Year Later

CARFAC 2017-2018 Mentorship Program participants
September 3 – October 25
Reception: Friday, September 27, 7-9pm

STM Gallery is pleased to present recent work by the following
participants of the 2017-2018 CARFAC Mentorship Program:


The CARFAC mentorship program provides support (eg. studio visits, workshops, collaborations) for artists in their professional development and opportunities for increased public exposure of their work through exhibitions and other means.
The artists wish to thank their mentors for their encouragement and support: Jordan Baraniecki (mentor Alison Norlen), Shelby Lund (mentor Nancy Lowry), Danahe Palacios (mentor Monique Blom), Mike Podiluk (mentor Grant Irons), Karen Polowick (mentor Terry Billings), Derek Sandbeck (mentor Clint Neufeld), Wendy Sharpe (mentor Marie Lannoo).

July 9, 2019

Andrei Feheregyhazi

In progress
July 8 – August 23
Opening Reception: Thursday July 25th 4-7pm

Andrei Feheregyhazi currently lives in Saskatoon and received his MFA (2016) from the University of Saskatchewan. As a filmmaker, Feheregyhazi’s current focus is working with cardboard and paper textured animation and he continues to explore a wide range of media within his work. In Progress features a selection of his recent Augmented Reality (AR) work. A simple download of his Brellabot app will allow viewers to animate each of his paper textured works within the gallery space…

This Fall, Saskatoon will host the ‘Creative Cities Network Summit’ (October 1st – 3rd) with Feheregyhazi as their artist in residence. He will create work specifically for the summit and welcomes visitors to drop by during the event. Click on the following link to view his invite for the event: ‘Saskatoon:Where the Art Is’ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1TjgscVLHI
Feheregyhazi describes the piece as “It’s a journey through a cardboard world, a cardboard Saskatoon, a miniature Saskatoon with the iconic landmarks and public art featured within it,” he said.
Feheregyhazi has also created AR pieces for Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. So if you’re going to see a play this summer, be sure to bring your phone with the Brellabot AR app to experience his work.

For more information on Andrei Feheregyhazi’s work
please visit: https://www.andreif.com/
or follow him at fajigajiga on Instagram

May 28, 2019

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Student Art Exhibition

May 21 – June 28, 2019
Reception: Tuesday, May 28th  7:00pm

A showcase of recent work by Grade 12 students from Bethlehem Catholic High School, Bishop James Mahoney High School, E.D. Feehan High School, Holy Cross High School and St. Joseph High School.

Thank you to each of the students who have contributed to our
Spring 2019 exhibition:

Arwin Alcantara, Holy Cross High School
Jacqueline Aranda, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Camille Barcelo, E.D. Feehan High School
Erin Baril, St. Joseph High School
Victoria Buckley, St. Joseph High School
Hiro Clemente, Bishop James Mahoney High School
Ryen Crepez, Holy Cross High School
Jade Cyrenne, Holy Cross High School
Rebekah de Haan, Bishop James Mahoney High School
Sydney Eichorn, Bishop James Mahoney High School
Joyce Galang, St. Joseph High School
Jade Gamble, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Kai Hillbom, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Chrisha Inayat, Holy Cross High School
Catherine Liang Hanzhang, Holy Cross High School
Katie Jackson, St Joseph High School
Jeneya Johns, Holy Cross High School
Jessica Jungwirth, Holy Cross High School
Chloe Kook, Holy Cross High School
Jocelyn Lalach, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Asher Lautner, Holy Cross High School
Madison Lyons, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Rellie Mananzan, Holy Cross High School
Kyra Parenteau, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Amber Richards, Holy Cross High School
Diefer Santos, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Alexis Schinmann, St. Joseph High School
Josée Sereda, St. Joseph High School
Trey Vandale, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Ricken Xu,St. Joseph High School

Our gallery summer hours (May- August): Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm
For more information, please contact Linda Stark, Curator at 306.380.5310.

February 18, 2019



March 1 – April 26, 2019
Closing Reception:  Friday, April 12   7-9pm

STM Gallery is pleased to present a selection of work by Saskatoon-based artists Jasmin Fookes and Jacob Semko.

First crossing paths while in the BFA program at the University of Saskatchewan, Jacob and Jasmin now find themselves working together in partnership through the CARFAC SK Mentorship Program.

Over the last 15 years Jacob has completed an MFA at the University of Cincinnati, traveled internationally visiting printmaking studios as a resident, an instructor, and a printer. He has been exposed to hundreds of techniques, countless processes, and worked with dozens of printmakers continually gaining new insight into state of the art techniques, especially in the new wave of “green” or non-toxic printmaking, which he incorporates into his practice. Creating in different studios has allowed Jacob to make work that pushes the limits of each print shop’s capabilities regardless of how modest or grand the facility may be.

Jacob’s diverse series of prints are a direct response to his geographical location with the work visually illustrating how the changing environment affects his inner psyche. He accomplishes this through narrative and metaphor often drawing from previous printmaking traditions, schools and movements. His artwork and professional practice are constantly evolving with new series informed from the previous and inspired by the future.

Jasmin’s wanderlust also took her around the world where she participated in several diverse creative workshops. She lived in London for a few years fully immersed in a thriving art and printmaking community. While rooted in traditional print media practices Jasmin is drawn to the integration of unconventional materials and leveraging a hybrid of analogue and digital processes. She often incorporates hand embroidery and machine stitching and explores substrates other than paper, working on a series rather than an edition of identical prints. Her research explores nature as a representative of the spiritual realm, honouring the merely personal dimension of existence while moving towards the ineffable.

While the focus of this mentorship to date has been on Jasmin’s specific goal of applying to MFA programs they look forward to the final few months of total creative freedom and exploration.

Jasmin Fookes
Deconstructed Bird Series 3, 2018
Silkscreen with embroidery on Somerset Satin, 11” x 14″

Jacob Semko
Johns Allegory – the reoccurrence of water
Waterless lithography printed on mulberry bleached, chine collé to somerset satin, 2008
26″ x 38″