May 25, 2018

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Student Art Exhibition

May 21 – June 28, 2018

Reception: Thursday, May 31st  7:00pm

A showcase of recent work by Grade 12 students from Bethlehem Catholic High School, Bishop Murray High School, Holy Cross High School and St. Joseph High School.

Jasper by Hailey Weber

Max by Drew Mewis

Self Portrait by Catherine Villaneuva

Self Portrait by Andrea Desalisa

Spaced Out by Ava Dulos

Ann Marie by Erica Clarice

Minds by Jasper Caswell

Untitled by Jenai Spizawka

Untitled by Jeremiah Shrigley

Galaxy Walk by Lauren Gulka

Untitled by Therese Mercado

Thank you to each of the students who have contributed to our
Spring 2018 exhibition:

Dana Bautista, St. Joseph High School
Sarah Brunet, St. Joseph High School
Erica Clarice, Holy Cross High School
Briannah Cook, St. Joseph High School
Andrea Desalisa, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Ava Dulos, St. Joseph High School
Laurel Ebner, Holy Cross High School
Alena Mastrengelo, Bishop Murray High School
Drew Mewis, Holy Cross High School
Jasper Caswell, Holy Cross High School
Annalise Couture, Holy Cross High School
Parker Fengstad, St. Joseph High School
Jasmine Gamboa, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Isabel Gerwing, Holy Cross High School
Lauren Gulka, St. Joseph High School
Rachel Lim, Holy Cross High School
Reyya Mag-Isa, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Therese Mercado, Bishop James Mahoney High School
Kaitlyn O’Connor, St. Joseph High School
Renilin Paras, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Cedie Salcedo, Bishop James Mahoney High School
Andrea Samelo, Bishop James Mahoney High School
José Sereda, St. Joseph High School
Jeremiah Shrigley, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Jenai Spizawka, Bishop James Mahoney High School
Madeline E. Suderman, Holy Cross High School
Kaitlyn Suru, Bishop James Mahoney High School
Hailey Weber, Holy Cross High School
Sarah Wourms, Bethlehem Catholic High School
Catherine Villaneuva, Bethlehem Catholic High School