"Keep Sane", Kathlyn Joy Zales

Art. Essays. Fiction. Poetry. Ideas.

In Medias Res is a student-run journal devoted to the liberal arts in light of the Christian intellectual tradition. Published twice per year by St. Thomas More College at the University of Saskatchewan, our title describes the experience of university life, in which we are always caught “in the middle of things”. Living and working among many ideas within the university and in the wider world, we have the opportunity to reflect critically on society, culture, and ourselves. The journal aims to provide a forum for intelligent and meaningful community expression. We publish poetry, fiction, articles, essays, travelogues, photography, art, and more. Students, staff, faculty, and alumni of all disciplines and backgrounds are encouraged to contribute by submitting their work.

To submit your work or inquire about joining the editorial board, contact inmediasres@stmcollege.ca

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should I submit?
If you think it’s worth publishing, we want to see it! In the past we’ve published art, photography, poetry, short fiction, travelogues, essays, reviews, and even links to online content. There is no limit on how many pieces you can submit. Check out past issues to get a better feel for what we print!

2. When will I find out if my submission is accepted?
Each fall and winter the editorial board calls for submissions for our next issue. We review all submissions late in the term and then will notify you. If your piece has been accepted, we will get your final approval before publishing.

3. When does the next issue come out?
As of 2017 we have altered our publication schedule to better align with the school terms. We strive to publish our Fall Issue in September and our Winter Issue in January, however, publication may be pushed later into the term. Follow us on social media to be notified!

4. Where can I find copies of In Medias Res?
Copies are distributed around St. Thomas More College and in Lower Place Riel (off the food court). We also put our issues online.

4. How can I join the editorial board?
Email us to let us know you are interested! Joining the editorial board is a great way to make friends on campus, be involved in university life, and improve valuable skills. You don’t have to be an English major or have previous experience, and you can help in different areas like  promotion, editing, or design. The board meets a few times a month, attends a cultural event together each term, and keeps in touch during the week using email and online tools. You are welcome to come check out a meeting or meet with one of our members to ask any questions you have!