The Nin Literary Collection contains original, hand-written correspondence given to Dr. Evelyn Hinz by Anas Nin. Due to the loose-leaf, unbound nature of the material, this collection must be viewed under direct supervision. Please contact Dr. Donna Brockmeyer for access to this material at

Some of this collection has been processed and some is still in processing. The processed materials include:

Binder 1:     Hugh Guiler to Anas Nin, 1940 - 1966

Binder 2:     Ian Hugo to Anas Nin, 1967 - 1977

                   Ian Hugo to Evelyn Hinz, 1977 - 1979

Binder 3:     Anas Nin to Hugh Guiler, 1935 - 1977

Binder 4:     Anas Nin to Henry Miller, 1934, 1941

                   Anas Nin to W.M. Pinckard, 1945

                   Anas Nin to Rupert Pole, 1958 1970

                   Anas Nin to Evelyn Hinz, 1971 -1976

                   Personal Note.

Binder 5:     Henry Miller to Anas Nin, 1933 - 1966

                    Henry Miller to Evelyn Hinz, 1976 - 1979

                    C. Moricand to Anas Nin, 1936 - 1939

                    Joaquin Nin-Culmell to Anas Nin, 1966 - 1971

Binder 6:      Miscellaneous correspondence, A - H, including Ray Bradbury, Margaret Drabble, Allen Ginsburg and James Herligy, among others.

Binder 7:      Miscellaneous correspondence, I - Z, including Christopher Isherwood, Jerzy Kosinski, Norman Mailer, Deena Metzger, Alfred Perles, Otto Rank, Gloria Vanderbilt, Gore Vidal, Rebecca West, and Tennessee Williams, among others.