STM Department of Political Studies

A traditional concern of a Catholic liberal arts college is to study the intersection of politics, justice and morality.  It is a concern that is based on the traditional belief that politics is a branch of justice and morality and can only be understood and studied as such.  Grounded in social justice and morally-based study, the aim of a political education is to develop good citizens of our own country and that of the world.  This requires a basic knowledge of how societies are organized and governed, how power shapes human behavior, and how effective state institutions are in achieving the common or public good.  It also requires that students in their commitment to social justice acquire the necessary skills to be responsible and effective citizens. 

Being a good citizen involves an understanding of the centrality of an inclusive community to a moral and just politics, and how such a community can be fostered or undermined.  This in turn requires that students be able to put the current political situation into a context – including a historical, developmental and systemic context – enabling them to understand how politics is integrated with other aspects of human existence in specific societies as well as throughout the world. 

The St. Thomas More College Department of Political Studies sees itself as fostering good citizenship, empathy and a moral view of politics.  The department is committed to teaching politics from the point of view of what it means to be a good citizen in pursuit of the common good, social justice and the shared vision of a flourishing humanity.

Members of the STM Department of Political Studies support and participate in the college’s Interdisciplinary Minor – Social Justice and the Common Good. Areas of teaching by STM faculty include:

  • International human rights
  • International conflict and conflict resolution
  • Theories of state
  • Citizenship and community building
  • Justice and democracy
  • Canadian human rights
  • Multiculturalism
  • Canadian politics and society
  • Canadian political economy
  • Canadian public law and policy
  • Canadian foreign policy
  • Comparative politics
  • Contemporary political thought

Thinking About Declaring a Political Studies Major?

Career Opportunities with this Major
  • Politician
  • Political Aide
  • Mediator
  • Lobbyist
  • Legislative Aide
  • Activist
  • Immigration Officer
  • Legal Secretary
  • Paralegal
  • Public Opinion Analyst
  • Public Affair Reporter
Political Studies Degree Requirements
STM Political Studies Course Offerings

STM Faculty

Tenured & Tenure Stream:

Bohdan Kordan

David McGrane

Charles Smith, Department Head

Sessional Faculty:

David York

Jason Zorbas