Catholic Studies Minor

College of Arts and Science students can pursue a minor in the area of Catholic Studies.  The minor in Catholic Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of Catholicism from the beginnings of Christianity in the ancient world to the presence of Catholicism as the largest Christian community in the world today.  Catholic Studies is intended to provide students with an interdisciplinary understanding of Catholicism and its history, artistic and literary culture, philosophical and theological thought, and role in contemporary society.

This program is coordinated by St. Thomas More College, under the academic authority of the College of Arts and Science. Interested students should contact for more information.

Note that two Catholic Studies courses (CTST 105.3 and CTST 106.3) do not count for credit in degree programs offered by the College of Arts and Science or the College of Education.  However, students who are planning to teach in a Catholic School system are encouraged to take CTST 105.3 and CTST 106.3 as Catholic School Boards often expect prospective teachers to have completed them.  Arts and Science students taking CTST 200.3 will receive credit for that course in their degree program.

Catholic Studies - Minor