SSU Application

Applications and accompanying forms are available below. 

Please submit by February 1, 2017 to:

Iryna Kozina
SSU Administrative Assistant
Spring Session in Ukraine 
St. Thomas More College 
1437 College Drive 
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

You will be notified of admission to the program by February 17, 2017   

Who Can Apply
Spring Session in Ukraine is aimed primarily at second, third and fourth year University of Saskatchewan students. Students from other universities are eligible, and will be required to register as University of Saskatchewan students.


Undergraduate students who have 30 credit units at the university level may apply to the program. Graduate students who are interested in attending the program must first consult with the Canadian Program Coordinator.

University of Saskatchewan Applicants
Students already enrolled in undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan are required to register for the Spring Session courses prior to departure. Students will be able to register for these courses through the University of Saskatchewan online registration system.

Non-University of Saskatchewan Applicants
Students not enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan will be required to apply to the University of Saskatchewan through the registrar after formal acceptance into the program.

Credit Transferability
All courses offered through the University of Saskatchewan/STM College Spring Session in Ukraine are the University of Saskatchewan regular courses offered on the U of S campus.

Students from other Canadian and international universities are welcome to participate in this program. Students, however, should consult with their program advisors on the matter of credit transfer, in order to transfer their U of S credits to their home university. In the past, program participants transferred credits earned in Ukraine to their home universities. These included the University of British Columbia (2003), Toronto (2004), Regina (2005), Dalhousie University (2005) and St. Jerome's College in Waterloo (2010).

Auditing Status

For students wishing to audit courses in Ukraine, please contact Program Coordinators.

Students who have chosen to participate in a student exchange are responsible for ensuring that their academic needs are met. Students are also responsible for ensuring their financial and personal obligations are met before leaving on an exchange.

Orientation Sessions
Students are required to attend Pre-Departure Orientation sessions. The orientation sessions will cover issues such as health and safety abroad, culture shock, intercultural communications and logistics. Students accepted into the program will be notified of the time and location of the Pre-Departure Orientation sessions.

Visa Requirements
On July 26, 2005, the President of Ukraine signed Decree No. 1134/2005 "On the introduction of a visa-free regime for citizens of Canada" which implements a visa-free regime for entry into Ukraine by citizens of Canada for a period of 90 days.