Community Service-Learning in Courses

Several professors at St. Thomas More College allow students in their classes to participate in community service-learning as part of the course requirements. The benefits include:

  1. Students being partnered with community-based agencies to contribute meaningful volunteer service.
  2. Students participating in reflection activities to help make the connections between their community experience and their university learning.

2017 - 2018 STM CSL Courses include the following:

ENG 110 – Cichon

ENG 114 - Hingston

ENG 215 – Wallace

INTS 400 – Hrynkow

RLST 284 – Hrynkow

PSY 214 – Buchanan

RLST 228 – Pomazon

INTS 203 – Pomazon/Ward

POLS 349 – McGrane

SOC 112 – Knudson

SOC 210 – Knudson

STM Faculty who offer CSL in some of their classes - please check on specific classes to confirm this option:

Alisha Pomazon

Caitlin Ward

Carie Buchanan

Chris Hrynkow

Cynthia Wallace

Daniel DeLury (sessional)

David McGrane

Gerry Farthing

Heidi Epstein

Jennifer Briere

Kylee-Anne Hingston

Laura Foley

Michael Cichon

Michael Poellet

Natalia Khanenko-Friesen

Paulette Hunter

Pierre-Francois Noppen

Philip Lee (sessional)

Sarah Knudson

Tammy Marche

Charles Smith (study abroad)

Allison Smith (study abroad)