Service & Justice Project

The Service and Justice Project (SJP) is a Community Service-Learning Program where students serve real community needs, critically reflect on their experience in the community, and learn how together we can strive for social justice in our community.

Program Requirements:

  •    A program orientation
  •    An average of 2-3 hours per week of community service
  •    5 facilitated, 1-hour long, group discussions with peers
  •    Participate in 4 presentations from community agencies

Service & Justice Project and Award Application PDF

Important SJP Dates PDF

Financial Support for Service & Justice Students

Les and Irene Dubé Service & Justice Award
STM recognizes that many students have employment commitments which may limit their ability to spend time volunteering. To enable any interested student to participate in the SJP, STM offers a limited number of awards of varying amount.

Les and Irene Dubé Service & Justice Scholarship
Each year there are up to 12 Dubé Scholars - first-year students who have been selected by their own high schools for their commitment to community service. These students have been awarded $2,000 scholarships, endowed by the generous benefactors of STM's Community Service-Learning Program, Les and Irene Dubé.

What SJP Students Have to Say

"As part of STM's Service & Justice Project, I volunteered with Frontier College to enhance student's literacy skills. I spent about 2.5 to 3 hours per week volunteering at two schools. I took part in morning Reading Circles at Caswell Elementary School where we read and did activities with children to enhance their reading skills and show them how fun reading can be. I also volunteered at City Park High School where I helped develop a Mentorship Program that will be implemented this fall. My volunteer experience opened my eyes to the lives of others, gave me experience in a school and with children, enhanced many skills that I require to get into the College of Education, and introduced me to valuable contacts and references for the future. In addition, I made new friends, both at the Service & Justice discussions and at my volunteer placements. The Service & Justice discussions encouraged me to reflect on my life and the lives of the people I was interacting with to help me understand the impact that we had on each other and the difference that I was making. It was also interesting to hear other volunteering stories and learn about the many places available to volunteer."
   - Amanda Korte

"I found the Service and Justice Project to be the kind of challenge that really made me appreciate what social justice was all about.  I think I learned a lot about myself by participating in social action and trying to make social change."
   - Brennan Sarich

"The SJP helped to remind me of what it is that I love to d work with others regardless of their age, abilities or social status. As a volunteer with Autism Services, I was able to confirm that my educational goals match my life goals as I was not only helping to provide a service for the families and kids I worked with, but was able to be served by them as well. I would recommend the SJP for anyone looking for a challenging but ultimately very rewarding experience!"   
   - Desirae Clothier