Service & Justice Project

This co-curricular program allows students to gain valuable volunteer experience, serve real community needs, and reflect on those experiences in a supportive environment. Every year, up to 30 students are able to participate.

Program Requirements

1. Volunteer Placement

Students volunteer an average of two hours per week in the community (16 to 20 hours per term). At the beginning of the school year, interested students meet with a member of the Engaged Learning Office to select a community placement that is relevant to the student’s interests, and is also serving a real community need. The Engaged Learning Office has a variety of different placement options, but with the office’s approval, students can also choose to volunteer with other organization.

2. Reflection Sessions

Students are required to attend two reflection sessions each term. These small group discussions, led by mentors, allow students to talk about their volunteer experiences in a supportive environment, think critically about their own assumptions, and connect those back to larger issues of community, solidarity, subsidiarity, and the common good.

3. Community Suppers

Students attend four community suppers throughout the year. These suppers are an opportunity to meaningfully connect with community partners, discuss pertinent social and moral issues, and get to know your fellow SJP-ers better.

Service & Justice Project and Award Application

Important SJP Dates 

Financial Support for Service & Justice Students

Les and Irene Dubé Service & Justice Scholarship
Each year there are up to 12 Dubé Scholars. These are first year students who have been selected by their own high schools due to their commitment to community service. These students are awarded $2,000 scholarships, endowed by the generous benefactors of STM's Community Service-Learning Program, Les and Irene Dubé.

St. Thomas More College Service & Justice Award
St. Thomas More College recognizes that many students have employment commitments which may limit their ability to spend time volunteering. To enable any interested student to participate in the SJP, STM offers a limited number of awards of varying amount. To be eligible for this award, students must be enrolled in at least 3 credit units at St. Thomas More College.

What students have to say about the Service & Justice Project

I volunteered with SWITCH, Ronald McDonald House, and Best Buddies as part of the Service and Justice Project, and later continued my involvement in the program as a student mentor. SJP provided me with opportunities to learn outside the classroom and take to heart concepts that I was exploring both in the program and in my university classes. I was challenged to reflect on what I was doing and why - What kind of impact was I having on those I was serving and how were their friendships and their stories changing me? What unique barriers and challenges did they face? Why had I taken those things for granted? Learning about the Social Determinants of Health and health equity from a grassroots level helped shape my perception of the accountability doctors have in our society. As a medical student, these experiences and reflections will be invaluable to me.

  -  Jessica Froehlich, STM graduate and first-year med student