Student Services

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Richard Medernach

Manager of Student Experience
and Enrolment

(306) 966-8946

Advising Appointments (306) 966-8900


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Dean Schmidt

Academic Advisor

(306) 966-2616

Advising Appointments: (306) 966-8900


Linda Huard

Recruitment Officer

(306) 966-8910

Advising Appointments: (306) 966-8900

Marina Ellis


(306) 966-8900




As active participants in the St. Thomas More College community, Student Services staff provide programs, activities, and services that advance the holistic development of our students. Our work is informed by research, institutional history, and the principles of good practice for student affairs at Catholic colleges and universities. The fruits of our work are realized when our students and graduates live lives of dignity, beauty, and purpose. Our primary goal is to help students come to the full measure of their humanity.

Core Values

  • We value our Catholic mission and identity inherited from the Congregation of St. Basil
  • We believe learning and development are a lifelong journey
  • Mercy, compassion, and patience are necessary virtues for our often frenetic and polarized modern society
  • We value social justice and community service
  • Pastoral care of students as whole people is our model
  • Student development is enhanced by collaboration among faculty, staff, students, and community
  • We value sustainability and good stewardship of resources