Academic Advising

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We have three academic advisors at STM available to help you. You can book an appointment online or by phoning our office 306-966-8900

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Academic Advising Outcomes

If you get regular academic advising at St. Thomas More College and you do your part, you'll end up with a number of benefits.

Advising gives you

  • A realistic plan to achieve your educational goals
  • Working knowledge of your program requirements and relevant procedures and policies
  • A better understanding of your program's curriculum and how the skills you develop in that program can be helpful professionally
  • Knowledge of college/campus services and opportunities to assist you in achieving your academic, personal, and career goals
  • A sense of what makes STM unique within the University of Saskatchewan
  • A forum to make sense of your university learning experiences, both formal and informal
  • An appreciation for the importance of lifelong learning

What's your role as the student?

  • Seek out advising before problems arise
  • Have regular conversations with your advisor
  • Come to appointments prepared
  • Spend time reviewing and reflecting on what you discuss with your advisor
  • Study the policies and procedures that are relevant to you
  • Take responsibility for your actions/choices and learn from experience

What will an STM advisor do for you?

  • Listen to you and try to understand who you are and what you need
  • Ask questions to help you come to conclusions
  • Teach you where and how to find what you need to know
  • Make suggestions and answer your questions to the best of our ability
  • Inform you about services and programs that could assist you