Register for Classes

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Chose Your Classes

There are two main sources you should use to determine your program requirements and chose your classes for a given year or term. USask Classes and Registration Information

1. USask Course and Program Uncatalogue

2. Academic Advising

  • STM has three academic advisors available by phone or video conference for individual appointments. Academic Advising sessions can be booked on our website or by phoning our office at 306-966-8900
  • DegreeWorks is software that helps track your degree progress. You can access it through PAWS

Build Your Schedule

Once you have a list of classes, you need to build your schedule. For the most part, you get to choose when you schedule your classes and there are many options.

We recommend using the Plan Ahead tool in PAWS:

  1. Go to the Registration page in PAWS and select "Register for Classes".
  2. Select "Plan Ahead".
  3. Select the term and continue.
  4. You may see plans that were already created for the term.
  5. To create a new plan, select "Create a New Plan".
  6. Search for courses or class sections to add to your plan in the "Find Classes" tab.
  7. Select the "Created by Others" tab to add courses or class sections to your plan from a plan created by an academic advisor.
  8. Select the "Degree Works Plans" tab to add courses or class sections to your plan from a Degree Works plan.
  9. Add a course to your plan by selecting "Add Course" or add a class section to your plan by selecting "View Sections".
  10. If you add courses to your plan, instead of class sections, you will have to search for the class section, from your plan, when you register.
  11. No registration error checking is done in the Plan Ahead tool. Make sure to review prerequisites, registration restrictions, reservations, etc. when choosing your classes for the plan.
  12. Once you are done, select "Save Plan".