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We have created this guide to help new entering students at St. Thomas More College - University of Saskatchewan make a successful transition to university life and learning.

The Big Ideas

  1. Give yourself permission to grow and change as a person
  2. You are not in this alone
  3. It is not supposed to be easy but it should be rewarding

Fall 2020 Remote Learning

All STM classes in Fall 2020 Term will be delivered remotely. This is especially challenging at STM because our model of education is based on community and gathered learning experiences. If all goes well, we’ll be back to that next year. For now, the following transition issues are especially important while you study remotely.


  • Google Maps can’t help you: Setting goals and planning your education and career path


Q: Who do I talk to if I’m nervous about my classes?

A: Talk to an academic advisor in Student Services. Academic Advising

Q: How do I know if I’m spending enough time on classwork?

A: Start with 3 hours for lecture and 3 hours for reading & study each week for a typical STM class. Labs, tutorials, and major assignments require additional scheduled time. Time Management and Organization

Q: Is university a lot harder than high school?

A: The expectations from professors are normally higher than you faced in high school, but you can handle it. The workload is greater so you want to keep up throughout the term.

Q: If I'm not sure about dropping a class, who do I talk to?

A: Make an Academic Advising appointment with STM Student Services

Q: The class I wanted to take is full. What should I do?

A: First, try to contact the professor (email is usually best) to see if a limit override is possible. Class Permit/Override Form If there is no professor assigned to the class, contact a member of STM Student Services

Q: How do I choose a subject major?

A: It's a personal choice that requires balancing your interests, academic and career goals, and probability of success. Make an Academic Advising appointment with STM Student Services to discuss your specific situation.

Q: How do I apply for STM scholarships and bursaries?

A: Our Scholarships and Bursaries applications are posted online in August. The deadline to apply is October 1st.

Q: I’ve just been assigned a research paper, where do I even start?

A: The library can help you formulate your research question, help you find resources for your paper, and teach you the skills you’ll need to turn in excellent work. A few places you can start on the library website are Research Support, Subject Research Guides, Databases (A to Z), and Student Learning Services.

Important Contacts

If you have questions about your course material or assignments, contact your professor. We have some helpful advice about communicating with your professors.

STM Student Services 306-966-8900

Academic Advisors

  • Dean Schmidt -
  • Linda Huard -
  • Richard Medernach -

STM Campus Ministry

  • Michael MacLean -
  • Celeste Woloschuk -
  • Fr. Andre Lalach -
  • Fr. Ron Griffin -
  • Gertrude Rompre -

STM Engaged Learning and Study Abroad

  • Caitlin Ward -