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Sharing literature and art from the USask community:


Fiction includes all expressions of the literary narrative form.



Nonfiction encompasses any “true story told well.”



Poetry is a literary art with a special focus on rhythm, evocation of emotion, and feeling. 


The visual arts are a vast category of fine arts that encompass various different mediums and methods.

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Works of the Week

— 01: Fiction

“Terrible” is a semi-autobiographical story that Domingo wrote shortly after being told her high school English teacher had passed away.

— 02: Nonfiction

What’s left to say about the most popular theme in the world?

— 03: Poetry

L.K. Cunningham writes poetry encompassing themes of nature, love and other emotions.

— 04: Visual Art

Lost in Memories depicts a woman trapped in the memories of her life and partner.

Our title describes the experience of university life, in which we are always caught “in the middle of things.”

A stylized drawing of a hand writing with a fountain pen.

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