DEADLINE: - February 27th

What are we looking for?

We are looking for high-quality pieces by passionate writers and artists from the USask community — students, staff, faculty and alumni are all welcome to submit their work.

No previous experience is required, as submissions are considered on the piece’s merits alone.

What are you thinking about? What worries you? What moves you? We want to hear the voices that make up this university and help put their work out into the world.

A line-drawing portrait of a human whose face is covered by a bundle of scribbles


Each issue of our magazine has a different theme. We give marked preference to pieces that explore or touch on the issue’s theme in some way, but other pieces will also be considered.

Current Theme: Of the Mind

Our latest theme centres around the mind. What does it mean to inhabit a space that might be cluttered with fears, inhibitions, and sorrows, but also bursting with hopes, ambitions, and joys? Where do you go when you are struggling? What steps do you take to keep your mental space healthy? How might we reduce the stigma of talking about mental illness?

While these are some of the questions we hope to explore in the Spring 2024 issue, we look forward to seeing the ways that you, our writers and artists, interpret the phrase "Of the Mind."


We publish fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art pieces. Any form of literary or artistic expression that can be appreciated in a physical magazine or a website will be considered for publication.

Fiction includes all expressions of the literary narrative form: postcard stories, short stories, excerpts from novellas, novels and beyond. We publish fiction no longer than five pages.

Nonfiction encompasses any “true story told well” that uses literary techniques to craft a factually accurate narrative. Examples include, but are not limited to: nonfiction prose, personal essays, opinion pieces, travelogues, (auto)biographies, memoirs, art/music/literary critiques, creative short stories and literary journalism.  We publish nonfiction no longer than five pages.

Poetry is a literary art that typically (though not always) is briefer and more stylized than fiction, with a special focus on rhythm, evocation of emotion and feeling. Poetry can be used to refer more abstractly to ideas, and can vary significantly in length, rhyme and voice.

The visual arts are a vast category of fine arts that encompass various different mediums and methods. We accept submissions of any form of art that can be represented in a visual format, including but not limited to: drawings, digital art, paintings, photography and pottery.

Submitting Your Work

Submissions Open: February 1, 2024

Submission Close: February 27, 2024



$25: One honorarium will go to a fan favourite as determined by an anonymous vote from in medias res readers after the issue is published.