Visual Art Editor

The Visual Art Editor is responsible for the quality of the visual art published in the journal. The editor will have, by and large, extensive creative control over the journal’s visual elements, and will work with the rest of the board to further the mission and overall standing of in medias res.


  • Sift through all visual art submitted to in medias res and approve select pieces for publication.
  • Communicate to rejected contributors their rejection in a constructive way per in medias res protocol. 
  • Communicate with approved contributors until their pieces are ready for publication.
  • Actively seek to form a team of visual art contributors for the journal, with the end goal of having a system in place to accompany each poetry, fiction and non-fiction piece published by the journal with an illustrated component.
  • Attend board meetings and support all collective efforts to publicize and improve in medias res.
  • Continually seek to improve your knowledge of visual art forms and literary journals to uphold the quality of the journal.

Key Characteristics

  • Thorough knowledge of and appreciation for visual art in all its forms and desire to pursue further learning
  • Knowledge of other literary journals and their conventions, particularly relating to layout, or desire to pursue further learning
  • Collaborative attitude and teamwork skills
  • Self-reliance and dependability
  • Good communication skills and ability to assemble and manage a team of contributors
  • Ambition to improve the journal