Associate Editor

The Associate Editor is a flexible but indispensable position that plays a vital role in actively supporting the Editor-in-Chief. The Associate Editor oversees aspects of administrative and editorial work and will have significant creative control and leadership over several facets of the magazine and its branding.


  • Either through their own writing or in collaboration with the editorial board, manage a minimum of one monthly blog post for in medias res including topics such as reading lists, writing, and publishing tips.
  • In conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief, manage the in medias res e-mail newsletter and e-mail contact list.
  • Work closely with the Communications Manager and/or the Events Planner to oversee outreach and collaborations with other university and/or community organizations.
  • Assist the Editor-in-Chief to oversee the in medias res editorial board and editorial work when needed, including making final editorial decisions.
  • Actively pursue opportunities of growth for in medias res, including but not limited to new channels of distribution, quality improvements and image improvements.

Key characteristics

  • Strong organizational skills and ability to navigate a flexible role
  • Ability to write informal content (e.g., newsletter content and blog posts), or desire to pursue further learning
  • Focus on detail and a strong grasp of proper grammar
  • Knowledge of other literary journals and their conventions, or desire to pursue further learning
  • Appreciation for the liberal arts and passion to promote them
  • Collaborative attitude and teamwork skills
  • Self-reliance and dependability
  • Ambition to improve the journal