Communications Manager

The quality of the journal is of little importance if no one is reading it. The Communications Manager oversees the in medias res social media and outreach strategy. The Communications Manager will collaborate closely with the Editor-In-Chief, and in communication with the rest of the board, to further the mission and overall standing of in medias res.


  • Develop and follow a social media strategy and outreach strategy for in medias res.
  • Manage in medias res’s social media presence ensuring its visibility to the student body. 
  • Communicate with the respective section editor about how to post on social media about any given published piece and make decisions independently if necessary. 
  • Assist the Editor-In-Chief in finding and pursuing opportunities to publicize in medias res.
  • Attend board meetings and support all collective efforts to publicize and improve in medias res.
  • Continually seek to improve your knowledge of social media and outreach, and literary journals, to uphold the quality of the journal.

Key Characteristics

  • Thorough knowledge of and fluency in social media and content-creating platforms like Canva or similar, and desire to pursue further learning
  • Basic knowledge of other literary journals and their strategies, or desire to learn about them
  • Appreciation for the liberal arts and passion to promote them
  • Collaborative attitude and teamwork skills
  • Self-reliance and dependability
  • Good communication skills; focus on detail and a strong grasp of proper grammar
  • Ambition to improve the journal’s presence in the community