“Theoretical Questions” by Jordan Wellsch

Jordan is an undergraduate student in the department of Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan. She is also the Undergraduate Editor-in-Chief for the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal, a peer reviewed and open access journal indexed in the DOAJ that publishes research and artwork by University of Saskatchewan undergraduate students.

Theoretical Questions

Beneath this mound of washed-out duvets
Sizzling electricity fills grey matter

Possible solutions include:
An increase in dopamine.

A smoky synaptic euphoria.

Wax paper rolled around an indica core
Bursting with earthy deliciousness
While possible solutions include:
An increase in oxytocin.

Outcast shirts
In a crumple on grey floorboards
These bare chests form
One unsentimental union

& Under this mound of washed-out duvets
pitying eyes meet those
Of the self-induced & suffering

A terror to love?

This piece is part of the in medias res March 2021 “Love” Issue. You can read the full issue under the tag “March 2021.”

Image by Ashlynn Hill.