A simple sketch of flowers.

“A Soft Love” by Delane Just

Delane is a current graduate student in the MFA in Writing program at USask. Most of Delane’s work surrounds themes relating to Millennial Canadian women and LGBTQ+ experiences. “A Soft Love” is a poem written about a slow moment, of realizing that one is still just as in love with someone as the first time they said, “I love you.” Delane and her partner have been together for almost seven years and at times she is stunned momentarily by how far they have come together. 

A Soft Love

hairs on your arm

backlit by daylight in a dim room

golden stalks drifting in breath.

hold me close to yourself 

count the places where

skin becomes inseparable 

words wisp away

like dreams, memories,

warm and bitter sweet 

A simple sketch of flowers.

This piece is part of the in medias res March 2021 “Love” Issue. You can read the full issue under the tag “March 2021.”

Images by Jenna Roesch