Distinguished Alumni Award

The STM Distinguished Alumni Award is awarded annually each November to each a female and a male graduate of St. Thomas More College whose lifetime accomplishments and achievements have been outstanding, who have made a significant contribution to their community, and who have continued to celebrate their relationship with St. Thomas More College since their graduation.

This award recognizes the truly outstanding achievements of an STM graduate whose endeavours have distinguished them in their chosen profession or community.

The Award is presented in November each year to a STM alumnus and alumna who has achieved outstanding accomplishments in his or her professional and personal lives, and who have been an inspiration to fellow alumni, current students and the community. 


Distinguished Alumna 2017
Eloise Opheim


Raised in Vanscoy, Eloise married her high school sweetheart, Ken Opheim. After both their sons had graduated high school, Eloise decided to further her own education, and she arrived on campus at St. Thomas More College in 1991. Returning to school at the age of 41 presented many challenges, but she soon excelled at her studies. She has many fond memories of her time at STM and especially treasures the support and guidance she received from Father Ron Griffin and Dr. John Thompson.
“In the beginning, I chose STM because it was a smaller college, a more intimate college and because of its support of social justice, caring for one another, and moral leadership.” Following her graduation from STM, Eloise received a scholarship from McGill University to pursue a Masters of Management degree.

Eloise developed a strong conviction for educating parents on the prevention of drug use among teens while raising her sons. Her passion for this important cause remained steadfast while studying at STM; she established a new organization, the “Parents’ Resource Institute for Drug Education”- a national non-profit organization for the prevention of teen drug use, which became known as PRIDE CANADA. PRIDE CANADA became a resource for youth, parents, educators, physicians, counsellors and other concerned citizens, providing them with information on commonly abused drugs, and helping them organize parent-peer groups, parent-school teams, and community action groups. Armed with a powerful message, an experienced board of directors, and honorary patrons such as Mr. Peter Mansbridge, Mr. Roy Romanow, and the Honorable Jean Chrétien (to name a few), PRIDE CANADA soon flourished, and Executive Director Eloise (still a full-time student at STM) travelled the world for “Teen Drug Prevention” speaking engagements. Referring to wide-spread impact of PRIDE CANADA, Eloise remarks, “Over the next 20 years, parents from Halifax to Vancouver to Iqaluit and the NWT, from small towns and big cities, came by the thousands to our annual national ‘Youth and Drug’ conferences, and returned home to start a Parent Movement in their own community.” For her passionate commitment to youth drug prevention, Eloise was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1991. Additionally, she has been honoured with the Saskatoon Citizen of the Year Award, the YWCA’s Woman of the Year Award, Saskatchewan’s Order of Merit Award, and the Queen’s Jubilee Award and she was also featured in Flare Magazine as one of 10 Canadian women who have contributed to making the world a better place! More recently, Eloise co-founded the organization “Drug Free Kids Canada,” a registered charity whose goal is to inspire and support parents to ensure that all young people are able to live their lives free of alcohol or drug abuse.

Reflecting now on her life path, Eloise notes, “I am so grateful to be a graduate of St. Thomas More College, whose faculty helped to equip me with the intellectual and personal tools that I needed for achievement of my future goals, which was to mobilize a parent movement across Canada to prevent drug use among Canadian teens.” One could say that her educational journey came full circle, when many years into her career she was invited back to the College to deliver the convocation address at an STM graduation event. Eloise’s 25 years of dedicated commitment to the prevention of drug use among teens has profoundly impacted our local, national and international communities.The STMNAA proudly recognizes Eloise Opheim as the 2017 St. Thomas More College Distinguished Alumna!

Distinguished Alumnus 2017
Dr. Michael Duggan


Dr. Michael Duggan is Professor of Religious Studies and the Catholic Women’s League Chair for Catholic Studies at St. Mary’s University in Calgary. He is a native of Calgary and alumnus of St. Thomas More College who has devoted his life to education in the tradition of Vatican II with particular concern for social justice and interfaith dialogue. Dr. Duggan’s academic credentials include a B.A. with a major in Philosophy, magna cum laude from the University of Saskatchewan, a Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology, magna cum laude, from the Pontifical Gregorian University, a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture, magna cum laude from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and a PhD in biblical studies, with distinction, from the Catholic University in Washington, D.C. St. Thomas More College provided a foundation for his education. He arrived here in the fall of 1966, less than a year after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council. He had just graduated from St. Mary’s Boys High School, Calgary, which was located across the street from a synagogue. The Hebrew inscriptions on the building and gathering of the community for morning prayers there tweaked his desire to someday learn the language and understand Judaism.

STM introduced him to formal studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences and afforded him the opportunity to process his life experiences in dialogue with the likes of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. Here he learned to think critically in a world that was awakening to the great movements on behalf of civil rights, feminism, justice, peace and liberation across the globe. STM prepared him to venture further into that world by moving to Rome, learning the various ancient and modern languages required for biblical studies, and in the process, becoming aware both of how little he understood and also of how rich was the heritage of humanism in the diverse cultures of East and West. Working in a brewery and in a federal prison at this time encouraged his appreciation of the new humanism that was becoming a focus of Catholic social teaching. In successive decades, while teaching and studying full time, he engaged life on the margins by working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Washington, D.C., Mexico, Cuba and Haiti. He travelled to Sierra Leone to learn from social workers caring for widows in refugee camps and repatriating child soldiers to their villages in Sierra Leone.

At home, he served on the board of Fresh Start, an addiction recovery centre in Calgary. At St. Mary’s University, Dr. Michael Duggan has taught the full range of courses in religious studies including biblical exegesis, Christian theology and world religions. In the field of biblical research, Dr. Duggan specializes in early Judaism and Christian origins, with particular interests in the Jewish roots of Christianity and social justice in the bible. He continues to write and lecture widely on the Second Vatican Council, Catholic Social Teaching and interfaith dialogue in the wake of Nostra Aetate, now with a focus on Pope Francis. Dr. Duggan is known for his commitment to interfaith collaboration both among the Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and also dialogue between these and the great traditions of the East, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism. He partners with the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews and is an active member of the newly formed Calgary Interfaith Council. He works closely with Rabbi Shaul Osadchey of the Beth Tzedec congregation to provide opportunities for Christians and Jews to study Scripture together. Dr. Duggan is an active member of five learned societies: The Catholic Biblical Association of America, theSociety of Biblical Literature, the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies, the Society for the Study of the Old Testament, and the Society for the Study of Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature. Currently, he is an associate editor of the Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature Yearbook (De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston). From 2007 until 2017, he served as an associate editor of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly. In the Lent term (January to March) of 2017, Dr. Duggan was elected as a Lady Margaret Beaufort visiting scholar at St. John’s College in the University of Cambridge where he furthered his research on Jewish studies of the Persian, Greek and Roman eras. Dr. Michael Duggan is a superb scholar, an exceptional teacher and renowned social justice advocate. His record of outstanding contributions to Catholic higher education in this country and well beyond, and his remarkably diverse contributions to the Catholic community and society are an inspiration; he is a worthy recipient indeed of the St. Thomas More College Distinguished Alumnus Award for 2017.

Distinguished Alumna 2016
Madeleine Blais-Dahlem


Madeleine was born in the Francophone community of Delmas, Saskatchewan. She attended St. Thomas More College where she obtained a B.A. Honors in French Literature in 1968. During her time at STM she actively participated in college life. She received the STM Frosh Award, performed with the Newman Singers, was an Ulcers “Kitchen Queen” and she helped organize both Newman Sunday breakfasts and Sunday night socials. Her peers and friends greatly appreciated her passionate service
to the College.

Madeleine completed a M.A. in French Literature at the University of Saskatchewan in 1971. She began her high school teaching career in 1969 at ED Feehan High School, obtaining a B.Ed. in 1985. Most of her 35-year career was dedicated to French immersion, including program development in Saskatoon’s Catholic high schools.

Madeleine began to prepare for her second career as a playwright in 1991, studying with Maria Campbell and David Carpenter at the University of Saskatchewan. She followed this by three summers at Sage Hill Writing Experience in playwriting.
Madeleine found herself compelled to write in French, her first language, and as such has added to the corpus of minority language literature in Saskatchewan. As a playwright, Madeleine became involved with La Troupe du Jour which produced several of her plays, including La maculée/sTain for which she received the Outstanding Playwright Award from the Saskatoon and Area Theatre Awards (SATA) in 2012. Madeleine’s plays have been workshopped from Quebec City to Vancouver and she has won public recognition for her contribution to the arts and Francophone heritage. Her work has been commissioned by the University of Saskatchewan, la Société historique de la Saskatchewan and la Fédération des Ainés Fransaskois. She has served on juries with the Conseil des Arts du Canada, Saskatchewan Arts Board and Conseil culturel Fransaskois. Her various publications, productions, articles for literary journals, and commissioned works have touched the lives of many, including senior citizens, cancer survivors and history buffs.

Actively engaged in her community, she was a longtime Board member with La Troupe du Jour, taking the Presidency in 2009 and spearheading their lobbying and fund raising campaign for the purchase and renovation of their production centre: Studio 914. During her 35 year career teaching secondary school, Madeleine was committed to making French a living language for Immersion students through extra-curricular activities which included the writing of original drama in French with and for her high school drama group and coaching debate at a provincial and national level. As a playwright, her plays explore the extra-ordinary challenges of ordinary people: how to balance hope and faith, how to meet death with grace.

Madeleine is a caring and compassionate person with a passionate commitment to French culture and the French speaking community. She is a community builder and a visionary whose outstanding work has motivated many students to pursue literary interests. For this the STM Alumni Association proudly recognizes Madeleine Blais-Dahlem as the 2016 STM Distinguished Alumna.

Distinguished Alumnus 2016
Dennis Gruending


Dennis was raised in St. Benedict, Saskatchewan, a small farming community near Humboldt. He attended boarding school at St. Peter’s College in Muenster for three years prior to enrolling at the University of Saskatchewan. In the late ‘60s during his pursuit of an Honours degree in English literature he received credit for many of his classes through courses offered at St. Thomas More College. He became actively engaged at STM and served for two years as STM’s representative on the U of S Students’ Representative Council. In 1996 Dennis earned his Master’s degree in journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Over the course of his career Dennis worked as a newspaper reporter for the Prince Albert Daily Herald and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, and later as a features writer for the Windsor Star. Upon returning to Saskatchewan, he worked in Regina for the CBC and was co-host of CBC
Radio’s morning radio show heard throughout the province.

Distinguished Alumna 2015
Sister Irene Poelzer

Irene Poelzer

Sister Irene Poelzer, raised on a family farm in the Humboldt area, was the oldest of 12 children. She arrived on the University of Saskatchewan campus in 1947. After graduating from St. Thomas More College (STM), she received her BEd in 1964.  She then went on to complete her MA through the College of Education in 1969; her thesis entitled, “Henry Carr C.S.B., 1880-1963 Canadian Educator”. From Saskatoon, her academic pursuits took her to the University of Oregon to pursue a PhD.

The majority of Sister Irene’s career was served as a Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Education. For her incredible work in Women and Gender studies, she is considered by many as a pioneer in the field of feminist scholarship in Western Canada. Along the way, she and her good friend Margaret Dutli, also co-founded “Friends of Sophia”, an interdenominational group of women dedicated to nurturing Christian feminist spirituality.

Over the years, Sister Irene’s commitment to STM College has remained strong. She was involved in the very first STM Newman Alumni Association (STMNAA) during the late '70s. She took a strong leadership role in the STM “For all Seasons Campaign” and has also supported the College through personal donation. In 1991, she travelled to Alberta with her dear friend Dr. John Thompson, (then president of STM College), to gain support for the campaign from STM Alumni living in Edmonton and Calgary.

Dr. Thompson has provided comments on his many fond memories of their time together, and his great admiration of Sister Irene’s career accomplishments, life’s intention, and character: “Irene always had something worthwhile to say. She called you on things you said. As I met students Irene taught, they told me how Irene evoked life in them. Irene’s presence, laughter, straight look, and hard questions had a way of waking us all up. She was proudly, gratefully Father Henry Carr’s student and friend. Fr. Carr was the person, she said, who taught her to think, really think. In Sister Irene's words, Irene is “the human person [who] is the glory of God fully alive.”

In 1992 Sister Irene wrote about the research she had done in the 1960s on Father Carr and Federation. The article, “Fr. Henry Carr and the Federated Model for Catholic Higher Education in Canada”, for the first time revealed a highly intriguing image of STM that she had privately nurtured for over 40 years. The picture of STM as a prairie bush creates a powerful metaphor. Sister Irene noted, “I realized that like a prairie bush which started from seed, spreading its roots below ground and its branches above, St. Thomas More College had flourished”.

During the research on her thesis in the '60s, Father Carr had compared his concept of education to the extraordinary experience of Moses being drawn to a fire in a bush, while tending flock in the wilderness. It was a typical day working as a shepherd, and he was intrigued by something out of the ordinary. It was an ordinary burning bush that was blazing but not burning up. He was in wonder and awe at the extraordinary site. God called to him from the bush and it changed his life.

Upon re-reading her thesis for the 1992 article, Sister Irene came to realize that her metaphor was incredibly accurate. She considers STM, as an academic “bush”, clustered among other bushes, making up the university, “…doing what it is supposed to do, educating with excellence, is called to be the ordinary vehicle for the extraordinary vision of its students….the ‘burning bush’ of post-secondary education within the University of Saskatchewan. This is the heart of Federation.”

Few Alumnae are as distinguished as Sister Irene. As a faculty member, and leader on the University of Saskatchewan campus, she has commanded great influence, and her support and commitment to the College remains steadfast over many years.

No stranger to STM accolades, Sister Irene received the St. Thomas More Medal in 1994. The award titled after its namesake, recognizes combined qualities of care, integrity and faith with meaningful contributions to the community and public life.

St. Thomas More College proudly recognizes Sister Irene Poelzer with the 2015 Distinguished Alumna Award!

Distinguished Alumnus 2015
Dr. James Dosman

James Dosman

Dr. Dosman was raised in Anaheim SK. He married Susan McKay Dosman, and is the father of 5 children.

He attended St. Peter’s College, and began his relationship with STM College in 1957. He promptly became actively involved in the College and was elected President of the STM student body in 1958.

He was admitted into the U of S College of Medicine in the fall of 1959, and graduated with his MD in 1963. He completed his internship at St. Paul’s Hospital and then established a very successful family practice in Saskatoon.

Dr. Dosman’s interest in Medicine then took him to McGill University where he completed his residency in Internal Medicine, as well as Respiratory Medicine. Returning to Saskatoon in 1975, he became the founding Head of the Division of Respiratory Medicine, College of Medicine, at University of Saskatchewan.

He developed a special interest in the health of those employed in the agricultural sector, which lead him to become the founding Director of the Centre for Agricultural Medicine, at the University of Saskatchewan, in 1986.

From there his keen interest and expertise in Agricultural Medicine resulted in many appointments at the University of Saskatchewan including:  Director of the Institute of Agricultural Rural and Environmental Health, Acting Head, Department of Medicine, and Director of the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture

Currently he holds a Distinguished Research Chair at the University of Saskatchewan. In 2008, he became the President and CEO of Agrivita Canada Inc. He founded this not-for-profit company which promotes research, public health, and safety in the field of agriculture.

Dr. Dosman, a devoted, accomplished and world-renowned pioneer in Agricultural Medicine, is widely considered to be the “Father of Agricultural Medicine”. Over the course of his distinguished career in Saskatchewan he has received over $18 million in research grants, as well as $5 million in private sector funding. As a result of his expertise, he has been called upon to spearhead many international symposia helping to define the scope of agriculture and rural public health around the globe.

His many degrees include Officer of the Order of Canada, as well as Saskatchewan Order of Merit. A life-long learner, Dr. Dosman also earned a Master of Arts degree in Political Economy. Most recently his interests lean toward sleep medicine and he has passed American Board Certification exams in this field. 

His contribution to our community through his commitment to: respiratory medicine, research, public health of rural populations, agricultural and rural environmental exposures, community development, and mentorship has had a profound impact within Saskatchewan and around the world. For this we proudly recognize Dr. Jim Dosman as our 2015 Distinguished Alumnus.


Distinguished Alumna 2014
Margaret Sanche
MA(1981) MA(1989)

Born in Winnipeg, Margaret Frances Sanche (née Shannon) grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and married there, moving with her husband Robert and their children to Regina, Saskatchewan and, following Robert’s doctoral studies in Illinois, moved with her family to Saskatoon where Robert served as a professor in the College of Education at the U of S from 1972 to 2000.
Margaret Sanche completed a BA Honours (English and History) in 1981 and an MA (History) in 1989 at the University of Saskatchewan. She returned to St. Thomas More College in 1990, in a professional role, serving as archivist/historian of the College until 2010.
There is no doubt Margaret Sanche knows this College. Her published works related to STM include: Heartwood: A History of St. Thomas More College and Newman Centre at the University of Saskatchewan (1986), her Master’s thesis, "Tree of Eden, Tower of Babel: The Controversy Over the Establishment of St. Thomas More College at the University of Saskatchewan 1913-1936,” other articles and talks on the history of STM, and work on the Anglin Collection of Canadian Catholic History, a special collection of the College’s Shannon Library.
Margaret’s positive role in ensuring documentation of the legacy of this College and the Roman Catholic diocese is reflective of her commitment to the work of St. Thomas More College and her ongoing interest in Catholic higher education and Canadian Catholic history.
Over the years, Margaret has held several positions on the Canadian Catholic Historical Association Executive, contributed to the annual journal CCHA Historical Studies, is an active member of Holy Spirit Parish in Saskatoon, was a founding member of L’Arche Saskatoon and, since 1993, has served on the Brazil Mission Awareness Committee of the Diocese of Saskatoon. In 2013 she authored, with photographer Daniel Classen, Building the Church, Living the Gospel: The Cathedrals and Parish Churches of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon.
At present, Margaret serves as archivist/historian of both the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (St. Mary’s Province). She and her husband Robert have four grown children – all of whom were STM students -- and twelve grandchildren.
Thank you Margaret for all these accomplishments, which not only celebrate and advance the spirit of STM, but also ensure that our legacy and that of the Catholic community will be shared for years to come.

Distinguished Alumnus 2014
Honourable Otto Lang

 BA (1951 ) LLB ( 1953)  B.C.L.  (1955)

Born in Handel, SK, the Hon. Otto Lang was raised and educated in the Humboldt area.  After graduation he enrolled in Arts and Sciences at the U of S – and began his relationship with St. Thomas More College and the Newman Club. Otto went on to earn his B.A. with Distinction (1951) and LL.B. with great Distinction (1953) from the University of Saskatchewan, before attending Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar in 1953.  There he completed his Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L.) in 1955.  A life-long learner, he later attended the University of Manitoba where he received his degree of Doctor of Laws in 1987. In 2013, the University of Saskatchewan also presented Otto Lang with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.
Best known for his role representing Saskatchewan in the Canadian political arena, Otto Lang first served as Member of Parliament for the constituency of Saskatoon-Humboldt from 1968 to 1979. He was a productive cabinet minister, serving in numerous portfolios and introducing many pieces of important legislation. As a member of cabinet, he served as Acting Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, Minister of Manpower and Immigration, Minister of Justice, Minister of Transport, and Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board.  He was named Queen’s Counsel in 1972.
In 1979, Otto Lang redirected his energies and skills to the business world. He was appointed Executive Vice-President of Pioneer Grain Company, Ltd., and has served on the Board of a number of other companies and industry organizations.
Otto Lang has also been busy serving his community. He was Campaign Chairman for the United Way of Winnipeg and served as a Member of the Board of the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews. He has also shared his talents and wisdom with a number of other organizations.
After a busy career in law and politics, the Hon. Otto Lang officially retired in 2008.
Lang is married to Madame Justice Deborah McCawley of the Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba. They currently reside in Manitoba. Lang is the father of seven children.
His life work has reflected his commitment to serving his community and family through public, business, and academic worlds always working towards making Canada a better place to live.
We are proud to have you Otto, as an STM Alumni.

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Distinguished Alumnus Award 2013
Professor Emeritus William Earle DeCoteau
(BA 1960) Doctor of Medicine (1964)

Dr. Earle DeCoteau’s roots are deep in the province of Saskatchewan with his family first settling here in 1892.
Earle was very involved with STM college as a student and became active with STM’s Newman Club as well. After receiving his BA from STM in 1960, he became a medical student completing the four year medical school program with the U of S College of Medicine. He graduated with an MD in 1964 and spent 6 years studying out of province, but always stayed interested in what was happening at the medical school.
Earle returned to the University of Saskatchewan as a faculty member in the Department of Medicine in 1972 and by 1980 became a full professor. He was head of the Immunology and Rheumatology program from 1974 to 1988. In 1988 he took a study leave to pursue the field of Geriatrics at McMaster University. From 1989 to 2004 he was head of the section of Geriatrics in the College of Medicine.
Dr. DeCoteau has remained active in the Geriatric Program at City Hospital and also runs a huge dementia clinic at Providence Place in Moose Jaw, where he also serves as Medical Director. He is still active in research, focusing on the often under-diagnosed vascular disease of the brain.
Reflecting his concern and commitment to the future, as President of the College of Medicine Alumni Association, Earle DeCoteau was involved with the establishment of the Medical Student Bursary program, while here at STM, Dr. DeCoteau established a student bursary in memory of his late wife Anne Phelan DeCoteau.
Earle has four children , 3 of whom are STM Alumni. His daughter Mary Jo DeCoteau was the recipient of the STM Distinguished Alumae award in 2009.
Congratulations Dr. DeCoteau!

Distinguished Alumna 2013
Geralyn (Geri) Hall (ME 1993)

In 1976 Geri was a St. Thomas More student. Her special talent in art and positive work ethic did not go unnoticed by the Basilian Fathers. Geri was asked to volunteer her time to work with William Kurelek (artist) to assist in painting the murals in our chapel today.

Geri was very involved with STM while a student - she was a member of Newman, STMSU, and STM Choir and even produced a Newman play.
A graduate of St. Ursuline’s Academy in Bruno and then with a BA from STM, Geri went on to complete a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in education. She has served as principal of St. Mary’s Catholic School in Prince Albert and still serves in an administrative role in Catholic education. She is the mother of three children, with two sons having graduated from STM.
Currently Geri is the Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division in Moose Jaw, SK.
Congratulations Geri Hall!

lavoie kambeitz

2012 Distinguished Alumnus Award  

Archbishop Sylvain Lavoie, OMI (STM BA 70)

Archbishop Sylvain Lavoie was born on April 22, 1947 in Delmas, Saskatchewan.  He was ordained to the priesthood as a member of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in 1974.  He later became Provincial Superior and Consultor of his religious community and worked in a number of parishes in the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas, which includes the northern parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In addition, Archbishop Lavoie served as a member of the Episcopal Commission for the Evangelization of Peoples of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.  On July 11, 2005, he was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Keewatin – Le Pas and then succeeded Most Reverend Peter Sutton, O.M.I., as Archbishop on March 25, 2006.  In 2012, Pope Benedict XVI accepted his resignation from this ministry.

In 2009, Archbishop Sylvain published Drumming from Within, a collection of stories and reflections upon his many years of ministry in the north.  According to the CCCB Publications web-site:

This collection of Lavoie's memories will inspire both smiles and tears.  Some reveal faith meeting life in heartwarming and humourous situations.  Others deal with the trauma of substance abuse, family violence, poverty, and hardship.  Here Lavoie shows how faith and the human spirit can overcome even the most tragic circumstances.  Still others are gentle slices of life among God's "salt of the earth," as the author stickhandles the vagaries of Church and village life in the north. (www.cccbpublications.ca)


2012 Distinguished Alumna

Dr. Teresita Rose-Marie Kambeitz, OSU (STM BA 69), PhD

Sr. Teresita Rose-Marie Kambeitz, OSU, BA'69, BEd'69, MEd'86 (TOR), PhD'88 (TOR), is a member of the Ursulines of St. Angela’s Convent (Prelate) and currently lives in Saskatoon.  Herself a graduate of St. Angela’s Academy in Prelate, Sr. Teresita continued her studies at Saskatoon Teacher’s College, St. Thomas More College (BA in Eng/History), University of Saskatchewan (B.Ed.), St. Paul University; St. Michael’s University College (MRE) and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (M.Ed. and Ph.D).  Her doctoral studies included a thesis entitled:  “Critical Consciousness in Religious Education: A Catholic Perspective.”

Sr. Teresita’s professional life found her teaching elementary and high school across Saskatchewan.  Perhaps she is best known in Saskatoon for her time teaching at Holy Cross High School.  At the post-secondary level, she has been most involved as faculty at Newman Theological College in Edmonton.  She continues her affiliation with Newman today as the director and instructor for the Graduate Diploma in Religious Education (GDRE) program for Newman’s Saskatoon Campus.  She also serves here at St. Thomas More College as a sessional lecturer in the area of Catholic Studies and does retreat work at Queen's House of Retreats. Combining scripture, contemporary experience, fine arts and humour, she gives talks and parish missions across the prairies.   She has taught summer courses for teachers in the British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Latvia and South Africa.   She has a profound love of the arts and continually gifts the STM community with her musical talent and leadership. 

Past Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award:

Distinguished Alumni Awards

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"The STM Distinguished Alumni Award is awarded annually to a female and a male graduate of St. Thomas More College whose lifetime accomplishments and achievements have been outstanding, who have made a significant contribution to their community, and who have continued to celebrate their relationship with St. Thomas More College since their graduation.


1992 – J. Frank Roy & Mary Louis Long (d. June 30, 2000)

1993 – Alphonse Gerwing  (d. Nov. 9, 2007) & Marikay Falby

1994 – Bernard de Margerie (d. Jan. 2, 2009) & Mae Daly

1995 – Grant & Vivian Maxwell

1996 – Ted & Danielle Fortosky

1997 – Margaret Mahoney & Herman Rolfes

1998 – Kevin & Dorothy Murphy (presented posthumously)

1999 – Kenneth Schmitz & Margaret Dutli

2000 – no records yet found

2001 – Dr. Tom Molloy and Mildred Kerr

2002 – Dr. Michael Krochak & Betty Farrell

2003 – Henry Kloppenburg & Kay Feehan

2004 – Joseph Bellefleur & Lois Brockman

2005 – Dr. Walter Podiluk & Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald

2006 – Peter Zakreski & Elaine Shein

2007 – No recognition

2008 – Bill Zerebesky & Sr. Kay MacDonald, NDS

2009 – Dr. Douglas A. Schmeiser & MJ DeCoteau

2010 – Art Battiste & Barbara Berscheid

2011 – Dr. Mary Jo Leddy & Justice Peter Dielschneider

2012 - Archbishop Sylvian Lavoie & Sr. Teresita Kambeitz

2013 - Dr. W (Earle) DeCoteau & Geralyn (Geri) Hall

2014 - Honourable Otto Lang & Margaret Sanche

2015 - Dr. James Dosman & Sr. Irene Poelzer

2016 - Madeleine Blais-Dahlem & Dr. Dennis Gruending