We offer $200,000 in student awards each year over and above USask awards!

Awards: General term used to refer to scholarships and/or bursaries.

Scholarships: Awards granted fully or partially based on academic achievement.

Bursaries: Awards granted fully or partially based on financial need.

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please email: awards@stmcollege.ca.

Notes for Students Applying

  1. In any given year, the amount and awarding of each St. Thomas More College scholarship and bursary is contingent upon the availability of funds.
  2. Entering students who have received one of the University of Saskatchewan Best & Brightest renewable Entrance Scholarships (Presidents First and Best Scholarships, Chancellors’ Scholarships, or U of S Entrance Scholarships) are not eligible for an entrance scholarship from St. Thomas More College, they can however apply for the first award in the Entering Student Awards Application, the St. Thomas More College Student Book Award. 
  3. A student may receive both scholarships and bursaries from St. Thomas More College.
  4. A student may receive only one scholarship unless no other student is eligible for a specific scholarship.
  5. Only scholarship and bursary recipients will be notified via their official USask email.
  6. Financial need will be assessed by filling out the Financial Need Calculator for STM Students: paws.usask.ca/go/awards. (CLICK "Apply for Awards", Then CLICK on the drop down "STM Financial Need Calculator")
  7. Not sure if you are a declared St. Thomas More College student? How to Declare (St. Thomas More College student declaration is only available to Arts and Science undergraduate students.)
  8. To receive a scholarship the student must attend the Scholarship and Awards Ceremony: TBA.

Entering Student Awards

Awards applications due October 1st.

General Eligibility

To be eligible for St. Thomas More College Entering Student Scholarships a student must:

To be eligible for St. Thomas More College Entering Student Bursaries, in addition to the above, a student must:

Continuing Student Awards

General Eligibility

To be eligible for St. Thomas More College Continuing Student Scholarships a student must:

  • be a continuing student,
  • be a declared St. Thomas More College student, and
  • be a full-time student.
  • Preference is given to students currently enrolled in St. Thomas More College courses, student who have previously completed St. Thomas More College courses, and/or students engaged in the life of St. Thomas More College.

To be eligible for St. Thomas More College Continuing Student Bursaries, in addition to the above, a student must:

Indigenous Student Awards

These awards are designed to support Indigenous students. Proof of ancestry is required. 

Students apply for these awards using the Entering Student Awards Application or the Continuing Student Awards Application, as appropriate.

Graduating Student Awards

The following awards do not require an application. Receipients are selected by the College.

Right Reverend Monsignor Myroslav Kolodey Memorial Academic Prize
The prize will be awarded annually to a graduating 3rd or 4th year St. Thomas More Student with the highest overall cumulative average. The student must be enrolled in at least 18 credit units in each year of his or her enrollment. This memorial academic prize has been established through the estate of the late Right Reverend Monsignor Myroslav Kolodey.

Thomas Deis `38 Prize in Scholastic Philosophy in Honour of Dr. Basil Markle S.T.D.
This prize is a lasting tribute to Father Markle for the selfless devotion and care that he lavished on all students which were fortunate enough to attend his classes in Philosophy. The candidate for this prize must be a distinguished graduating student of St. Thomas More College majoring in Philosophy. The annual amount of this prize varies from year to year.

Thomas Deis `38 WWII Memorial Prize
A prize for a graduating student of STM has been established by Mr. Deis in recognition of the education he received at St. Thomas More College and the University of Saskatchewan. It is also to memorialize all those STM students who served and gave their lives in WWII.

The candidate must be a St. Thomas More College or Newman Centre member who has demonstrated an all-round excellence or leadership, and/or who has enriched notably the life of STM or Newman Centre.

Father Henry Carr Award
Given out at Spring and Fall Convocation. Awarded to a student who has shown leadership in and/or contributed to the life of the St. Thomas More College.


The Hinz / Teunissen Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship will be awarded to a graduating STM student who is majoring in English Honours. Named in memory of Andrew & Aloisa Hinz and John & Mary Teunissen.

VALUE Varies


ELIGIBILITY Student must:

  • have graduated with an English Honours degree
  • have graduated as a full-time STM student
  • not be majoring in creative writing
  • be continuing on to study in a Masters English program

SELECTION CRITERIA Academic achievement

DONOR Dr. Evelyn and Dr. John Teunissen

Separate Application required. All students receiving a BA Honours in English in the Fall of 2019 and the Spring of 2020 will be emailed the application for this scholarship opportunity.


In any given year, the amount and awarding of each St. Thomas More College scholarship and bursary is contingent upon the availability of funds.

Service & Justice Scholarships

The Les and Irene Dubé Service & Justice Scholarship, valued at $2000, will be awarded to one student from each Saskatchewan Catholic High School. It is designed to recognize a student’s demonstrated passion for social justice.  The recipient, who is successful academically and shows sensitivity to the marginalized, will participate in the Service & Justice Project at St. Thomas More College next academic year.

Nominations are determined at the discretion of each school but are preferably made by a school committee made up of a Grade 12 Catholic Studies teacher, school chaplain, guidance counsellor, and school principal (or designate). Schools are encouraged to nominate 3 candidates. Ranked in order of preference.

To be nominated a student must:

  • be a graduating grade 12 student and eligible for admission to the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Arts & Science and St. Thomas More College,
  • show strong academic promise* based on their Grade 12 courses, and
  • have demonstrated, in the opinion of the selection committee, leadership in community service and/or actions for social justice during their high school years.

*Normally, we view strong academic promise to be evidenced by averages of 85% or above calculated from the following classes: Catholics Studies 20 or 30, English A30 or B30, and three 30 level electives (PE30 and PA30 not accepted). If, however, you have a student with a below 85% average who you consider having the academic potential to do well at university we ask that you not exclude that person from your consideration.

To receive the award a student must:


Email awards@stmcollege.ca

Glossary of Terms

Entering Student:

  • A student proceeding directly from high school to the University of Saskatchewan, or
  • A student who has been out of high school for one or more years and has less than 18 credit units transferable to a program of study at the University of Saskatchewan.

Continuing Student:

  • A full-time student (see definition below) at the University of Saskatchewan during the previous fall and winter terms (September to April).

Declared St. Thomas More College Student:

  • Any USask Arts and Science undergraduate student who declares via their admission application, PAWS Channel, or St. Thomas More College Academic advisor. How to Declare

Coursework through St. Thomas More:

  • Courses with the St. Thomas More College attribute indicated in the far righthand column in the search for classes in PAWS Registration. Find STM Classes in PAWS

Full-time Student:

  • A student who is registered in 18 or more credit units during the fall and winter terms (September to April) at the University of Saskatchewan; or
  • a student registered with Access and Equity Services and approved to study on a reduced course load, normally 12 or more credit units, during the fall and winter terms (September to April) at the University of Saskatchewan.

Financial Need:

Emergency Financial Assistance

Occasionally students face unexpected financial emergencies that threaten their ability to continue with their studies. We have a limited number of small bursaries for declared St. Thomas More College students to provide temporary financial relief in emergency situations.

If you have unexpectedly lost income (from job loss due to COVID 19, for example) or face expenses that you couldn’t have reasonably expected (e.g. loss of housing), you may qualify.

These emergency bursaries are not designed to cover general financial need. Please see our regular student awards programs for that.  

Please contact Richard Medernach at rmedernach@stmcollege.ca to discuss your situation if you are a declared St. Thomas More College student facing a financial emergency.