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The STM Gallery, on the second floor of St. Thomas More College, encourages an appreciation for the fine arts - one of the cornerstones of a well-rounded liberal arts education. Gallery curator Linda Stark plans a yearly series of exhibitions designed to inspire new thoughts and provoke converstations. Take a look at our current and past offerings at our STM Gallery EXHIBITIONS PAGE.



Our Current Exhibit

Canada’s Military Training Mission to Ukraine, 2015  and the Drawings of Canadian War Artist Richard Johnson

In 2015, Richard Johnson, a field illustrator attached to Canada’s Armed Forces as part of the Canadian Forces Art Program, chronicled the life and routine of soldiering during the inaugural phase of Canada’s military mission to Ukraine. His poignant illustrations of vigilant Canadian instructors are matched by studied depictions of attentive Ukrainian volunteers – the two working in balance – each aware of their respective roles – each dutifully undertaking their responsibilities.  

 Begins Nov. 1, 2022