Peer Health Mentors

Program supports student wellness on academic journey

The STM Peer Health Mentors will be sponsoring group activities and on-line events

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Sometimes it just takes a friendly voice and some encouragement to get you through a rough patch. And it always helps to be among welcoming friends and take in a fun group activity.

Thanks to the Peer Health Mentor Program, St. Thomas More College students now have seven friendly, willing and able volunteers to help their fellow students. 

The program is providing students one more resource in their toolbox to help them navigate university life. It will be sponsoring group activities and on-line events.

Michael MacLean, of STM Campus Ministry, oversees the program.

“STM Peer Health Mentors recognize the importance of health in mind, body and spirit and are willing to reach out and engage other university students to build a greater awareness of the value of student well-being,” said MacLean. “We want students to feel safe and supported. Peer Health Mentors contribute to the holistic care of fellow students and support them in achieving a sense of belonging in the university community.”

Students can reach out to the STM Peer Health Mentor program by emailing or finding them on Instagram at stmpeerhealth

Anyone with questions about the program is invited to email Michael MacLean at   


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