The St. Thomas More College community wishes to honour and remember our cherished, departed alumni.

Deb Korol and husband Bruce Gordon enter the STM Chapel

Bruce Gordon, '83

Please keep STM alumnus (’83) Bruce Gordon and his family in your thoughts and prayers. ​While Bruce may have graduated in the eighties, he and his wife Deb maintained an ongoing connection to STM through their participation in the STM Worshipping Community. They drove up from Regina every weekend to participate in STM liturgies where Bruce volunteered as the ministry coordinator. He was a true leaven in the community as he coordinated, trained, and invited people into the liturgical ministries. Most of all, he was a beacon of hospitality to all who encountered him at the doors of the STM Chapel.

Bruce was a Registered Doctoral Psychologist and an active member of the communities of Saskatoon and Regina until his death on May 29, 2020. After practicing as a psychologist in Saskatoon for many years, Bruce relocated to Regina, where he worked at Randall Kinship Centre and Child & Youth Services. In recent years, along with Tara Turner, Myrna Willick, and Rose Roberts, Bruce co-led a number of talking circles for the psychology communities of Saskatoon and Regina. These circles helped to promote understanding of cultural diversity and to redress, through relationship and community-building, the long history of racism affecting Indigenous peoples in Saskatchewan. Bruce was generous with his time, resources, and kindness, including providing a keynote address at the 2019 Faculty and Staff Retreat.

He will be greatly missed by the psychology community, the STM Worshipping Community and by all of the communities to which he contributed.

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J. Frank Roy

J. Frank Roy, '48

J. Frank Roy (BA’48, BEd’53, MA’68) was the recipient of the St. Thomas More College (STM) Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1992.

Roy noted at the time, that superb teaching at St. Thomas More College broke down traditional notions of looking at things and forced one to think for oneself. Formative influences from Father O’Donnell, Father Carr and Father Cullinane nurtured not only intellectual and spiritual growth, but character. For Roy, STM was the place that instilled in him the genuine notion of Christian charity and generated in him the development of a social conscience. Roy said, “As we move into the next century, our two most important resources are our environment and our children”. This statement captures the dedication of his professional and personal life in pursuing his two great loves: teaching and observing the beauty and serenity of the natural environment. Frank contributed generously and successfully to his students and the broader community for generations as a caring, compassionate soul with a warm sense of humor.

In addition to publication “Birds of Elbow” and “Birds of Saskatoon”, Frank Roy was proud to be co-editor of the acclaimed book “Birds of Saskatchewan” published in 2019, the result of more than ten years of work and several lifetimes of observation, research, and writing. STM is proud to have a signed copy of this book in the STM Shannon Library, donated and dedicated to Roy in his honor.

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Peter and Fran Dielschneider at a 2019 awards ceremony

Peter Dielschneider, '54

The STM College community mourns the loss of Judge Peter Dielschneider. He will be missed.

As a student, Peter Dielschneider was involved early on with the STM College community, serving as president of Newman Centre, and assisting with the student food cooperative. Dielschneider obtained his law degree in 1953 from the University of Saskatchewan and a Bachelor of Arts in 1954 through STM.  Dielschneider returned to the College serving on St. Thomas More College Corporation, College Council, and the STM Board of Governors, from 1969 – 1972. He also served on STM Corporation as a Member-at-large in January of 1979, followed by various committee positions in the years to follow.

A great friend of St. Thomas More College and student advocate, in 2011, the College recognized Judge Dielschneider’s outstanding achievements, exemplary service and community contributions, in naming him STM’s Distinguished Alumnus. In addition to years of community service, and a committed focus on faith and family, his professional achievements post-graduation were also lauded. Dielschneider practiced law and became Mayor of Melville and was later appointed to the Court of Queen's Bench where he served as a judge of that court until his 75th birthday.

Judge Dielschneider’s legacy at STM continues through the Dielschneider Aboriginal Scholarship and Bursary awards established in 2007, supporting Catholic Aboriginal students, celebrating their academic endeavours and achievement. Reflecting his commitment to youth and education, he was enthusiastic in celebration and always took time to engage with the student recipients at the award events at the College.


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