Catholic Studies

O'Neill, William

BX1753 .O644 2021

Catholic social teaching : a user's guide

See in catalogue

Catta, Grégoire

BX1753 .C3925 2019

Catholic social teaching as theology

See in catalogue

Rowland, Tracey

BX900 .R69 2017

Catholic theology

See in catalogue

McKenna, Kevin E.

BX1753 .M38 2019

A concise guide to Catholic social teaching

See in catalogue

Orsy, Ladislas M.

BV4509.5 .O76 2020

Discernment : theology and practice, communal and personal

See in catalogue

Gardner, Gary

BX1795 .S87G37 2021

The earth cries out : how faith communities meet the challenges of sustainability

See in catalogue

Thomas, Aquinas

Bauerschmidt, Frederick Christian (commentator)

BX1749 .T515 2021

The essential Summa theologiae : a reader and commentary

See in catalogue

Rausch, Thomas P.

BX1795 .G66R38 2021

Global Catholicism : profiles & polarities

See in catalogue

McGregor, Peter John (ed.)

BX900 .R69 2022

Healing Fractures in Contemporary Theology

Seen in catalogue

Coffey, Kathy

BS2445 .C64 2003

Hidden women of the Gospels

See in catalogue

Shmeman, Aleksandr

BX350 .S3713 1986

Introduction to liturgical theology

See in catalogue

Bordeianu, Radu (ed.)

BT121.3 .I8 2022

It is the Spirit who gives life : new directions in pneumatology

See in catalogue

Richards, E. Randolph

BS511.3 .R523 2012

Misreading Scripture with Western eyes : removing cultural blinders to better understand the Bible

See in catalogue

Smyth, Elizabeth M.

BX4489.7 .T7 2021

170 years of service : a collection of essays on the history and mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto

See in catalogue

Bacik, James J.

BX2350.5 .C383B33 2021

Saints celebrated and unsung : the universal call to holiness

See in catalogue

Knight, Christopher C.

BL240.3 .K589 2020

Science and the Christian faith : a guide for the perplexed

See in catalogue

Groome, Thomas H.

LC473 .G76 2021

What makes education Catholic : spiritual foundations

See in catalogue

Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies

Wenzel, Siegfried

BV4208 .G7W46 2021

Beyond the sermo modernus : sermon form in early fifteenth-century England

See in catalogue

Hamburger, Jeffrey F. (ed.)

ND2920 .B4836 2021

Beyond words: new research on manuscripts in Boston collections

See in catalogue

Kostoff-Kaard, Jennifer Lynn

BS1475.52 .K67 2021

The early glossed Ecclesiastes : a critical edition with introduction

See in catalogue

Solopova, Elizabeth (ed.)

BS455 .F76 2020

From the Vulgate to the vernacular : four debates on an English question c. 1400

See in catalogue

Carlson, David R.

PA8520 .G74Z4583 2021

Gower and Anglo-Latin verse

See in catalogue


Roth, Pinchas

DS135 .F85P7685 2021

In this land : Jewish life and legal culture in late medieval Provence

See in catalogue

Houghton, L.B.T. (ed.)

PA6826 .V574 2018

Virgil and Renaissance culture

See in catalogue


Grabowski, Richard

HD75 .G712 2013

Economic development : a regional, institutional, and historical approach

See in catalogue

Sloman, John

HB171 .S59 2019

Essentials of economics

See in catalogue


Vanderhaeghe, Guy

PS8593 .A5386A94 2021

August Into Winter : A Novel

See in catalogue

Kerr, Conor

PS8621 .A7636A95 2021

Avenue of champions

See in catalogue

Barker, Clare (ed.)

PN56.5 .H35C36 2018

The Cambridge companion to literature and disability

See in catalogue

Patel, Nisha

PS8631 .A826C63 2021

Coconut : poems

See in catalogue

Schwartz-DuPre, Rae Lynn

PS3535 .E924Z87 2021

Curious about George

See in catalogue

Herriot, Trevor

QL681 .H46 2010

Grass, sky, song : promise and peril in the world of grassland birds

See in catalogue

Herriot, Trevor

BS580 .J3H47 2004

Jacob's wound : a search for the spirit of wildness

See in catalogue

Rys, Michiel (ed.)

PN761 .L58 2021

Literary representations of precarious work, 1840 to the present

See in catalogue

Munro, Alice

PS8576 .U57L584 2015

Lives of girls and women

See in catalogue

Modern Language Association Of America

LB2369 .M83 2021

MLA handbook for writers of research papers

See in catalogue

Highway, Tomson

PS8565 .I433Z46 2021

Permanent astonishment: A memoir

See in catalogue

Wagamese, Richard

PS8595 .A363R34 2009

Ragged company

See in catalogue

Mann, Susan Archer (ed.)

HQ1190 .R433 2016

Reading feminist theory : from modernity to postmodernity

See in catalogue

Wagamese, Richard

PS8595 .A363A6 2021

Richard Wagamese selected : what comes from spirit

See in catalogue

Herriot, Trevor

FC3517.3 .H47 2015

The road is how : a prairie pilgrimage through nature, desire, and soul

See in catalogue

Jarrett, Simon

HV3008 .G7J37 2020

Those they called idiots : the idea of the disabled mind from 1700 to the present day

See in catalogue


Jenkins, Ruth Y.

PN56 .A23J46 2016

Victorian children's literature : experiencing abjection, empathy, and the power of love

See in catalogue

Shabliy, Elena V. (ed.)

PR468 .W6 2020

Women's human rights in Nineteenth-Century literature and culture

See in catalogue


Sopuck, Forrest Adam

PN1995.9 .H6S63 2021

The aesthetics of horror films : a Santayanan perspective

See in catalogue

Isaac, Brian Thomas

PS8617 .S215A75 2021

All the quiet places

See in catalogue

Harris, Cole

E78 .C2H37 2020

A bounded land : reflections on settler colonialism in Canada

See in catalogue

Dion, Susan D.

E78 .C2D546 2009

Braiding histories : learning from Aboriginal peoples' experiences and perspectives : including the Braiding histories stories co-written with Michael R. Dion

See in catalogue

Kimmerer, Robin Wall

E98 .P5K56 2013

Braiding sweetgrass

See in catalogue

Wagamese, Richard

E99 .C6W24 2016

Embers: One Ojibway's meditations

See in catalogue

Dimaline, Cherie

PS8607 .I53E47 2019

Empire of Wild

See in catalogue

Hawley, John C. (ed.)

LC2574.6 .E96 2015

Expanding the circle : creating an inclusive environment in higher education for LGBTQ students and studies

See in catalogue

Hill, Gord

E59 .G6H54 2021

The 500 years of Indigenous resistance comic book

See in catalogue

Good, Michelle

PS8613 .O62F58 2020

Five little Indians

See in catalogue

Wilson-Raybould, Jody

E78 .C2W74 2019

From where I stand : rebuilding Indigenous Nations for a stronger Canada

See in catalogue

Van Camp, Richard

GR72.3 .V36 2021

Gather : Richard Van Camp on the joy of storytelling

See in catalogue

Bausch, Katharine

E185.625 .B38 2020

He thinks he's down : White appropriations of Black masculinities in the civil rights era

See in catalogue

Enns, Elaine

BS521.2 .H45 2021

Healing haunted histories

See in catalogue

Schweitzer, Don (ed.)

BT738.27 .H66 2021

Honouring the Declaration : church commitments to reconciliation and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

See in catalogue

Dimaline, Cherie

PS8607 .I53H86 2021

Hunting by stars

See in catalogue

Baxter, Jamie

E98 .L3B39 2020

Inalienable properties : the political economy of indigenous land reform

See in catalogue

Wagamese, Richard

PS8595 .A63153 2018

Indian Horse

See in catalogue

Whitehead, Joshua

PS8645 .H5498J66 2018

Jonny Appleseed

See in catalogue

Rück, Daniel

KF8228 .M8R83 2021

The laws and the land : the settler colonial invasion of Kahnawà:ke in nineteenth-century Canada

See in catalogue

Van Camp, Richard

PS8593 .A5376L48 2016

The lesser blessed

See in catalogue

Thomas-Müller, Clayton

GE56 .T56A3 2021

Life in the city of dirty water : a memoir of healing

See in catalogue

B., Daphné

PS8603 .A1M3713 2021

Made-up : a true story of beauty culture under late capitalism

See in catalogue

Barker, Adam J.

E77 .B37 2022

Making and breaking settler space : five centuries of colonization in North America

See in catalogue

Short, Donn

LC2576 .C3S56 2021

Making the case : 2SLGBTQ+ rights and religion in schools

See in catalogue

Taylor, Drew Hayden (ed.)

E78 .C2M4 2021

Me tomorrow : Indigenous views on the future

See in catalogue

Wagamese, Richard

PS8595 .A363M43 2015

Medicine walk

See in catalogue

Solnit, Rebecca

HQ1155 .S667 2014

Men explain things to me

See in catalogue

Robinson, Eden

PS8585 .O35143M65 2001

Monkey beach

See in catalogue

Van Camp, Richard

PS8593 .A5376M66 2009

The moon of letting go

See in catalogue

Singh, Jaspreet

PS8637 .I53Z46 2021

My mother, my translator : a memoir

See in catalogue

North, Sheila

E99 .C88N67 2021

My privilege, my responsibility : a memoir

See in catalogue

BX845 .C5 2021

The Official Catholic Directory

See in catalogue

Wagamese, Richard

E99 .C6W34 2019

One drum: Stories and ceremonies for a planet

See in catalogue

Wagamese, Richard

E99 .C6W245 2015

One story, one song

See in catalogue

Webstad, Phyllis

PS8645E27.O73 2018

The orange shirt story

See in catalogue

Lockwood, Patricia

PS3612 .O27Z46 2017


See in catalogue

Angel, Adriana (ed.)

JL966 .R49 2021

Rhetorics of democracy in the Americas

See in catalogue

Herriot, Trevor

FC3545 .Q35Z49 2000

River in a dry land : a prairie passage

See in catalogue

Wagamese, Richard

PS8595 .A363R86 2011

Runaway dreams : poems

See in catalogue

Talaga, Tanya

E98 .S67T35 2017

Seven fallen feathers : racism, death, and hard truths in a northern city

See in catalogue

McCue, Duncan

E99 .C88M34 2020

The shoe boy : a trapline memoir

See in catalogue

Mutonji, Téa

PS8626 .U92S58 2019

Shut up, you're pretty : stories

See in catalogue

Campbell, Nicola I.

PS8605 .A5475Z46 2021

Spílexm : a weaving of recovery, resilience, and resurgence

See in catalogue

Wagamese, Richard

PS5895 .A336S373 2019

Starlight: An unfinished novel

See in catalogue

Vermette, Katherena

PS8643 .E74S77 2021

The strangers : a novel

See in catalogue

Goulet, Linda

E96.2 .G69 2014

Teaching each other : Nehinuw concepts and indigenous pedagogies

See in catalogue

Awad, Mona

PS8601 .W33T55 2016

13 ways of looking at a fat girl

See in catalogue

Blondin, George

E99 .T56T73 2006

Trail of the spirit : the mysteries of medicine power revealed

See in catalogue

McMillan, L. Jane

KF8205 .M36 2018

Truth and conviction : Donald Marshall Jr. and the Mi'kmaw quest for justice

See in catalogue

Wente, Jesse

E99 .C6W46 2021

Unreconciled : family, truth, and Indigenous resistance

See in catalogue

Kinew, Wab

PS8621 .I54W35 2021

Walking in two worlds

See in catalogue

Boschman, Robert

FC3549 .P75Z49 2021

White coal city : a memoir of place & family

See in catalogue

Aldrich, Robert (ed.)

HQ75.2 .W46 2001

Who's who in contemporary gay and lesbian history : from World War II to the present day

See in catalogue

Glass, Aaron

E99 .K9G63 2021

Writing the Hamat̓sa : ethnography, colonialism, and the cannibal dance

See in catalogue

Paul, Elsie

E99 .C86P39 2014

Written as I remember it : teachings (ʔǝms taɁaw) from the life of a Sliammon elder

See in catalogue

Blondin, George

E99 .T56B57 1997

Yamoria the Lawmaker : stories of the Dene

See in catalogue

Higher Education

Fink, L. Dee

LB2331 .F495 2013

Creating significant learning experiences : an integrated approach to designing college courses

See in catalogue

Luckett, Robert E. (ed.)

LC1023 .R33 2021

Redefining liberal arts education in the twenty-first century

See in catalogue


Asser, John.

DA153 .A8213 1983

Alfred the Great : Asser's Life of King Alfred and other contemporary sources

See in catalogue

Carleton, Sean (ed.)

HD4841 .D57 2021

Dissenting traditions : essays on Bryan D. Palmer, Marxism, and history

See in catalogue

Naismith, Rory

DA135 .N35 2021

Early medieval Britain, c. 500-1000

See in catalogue


Makarova, Veronika

P121 .M35 2015

Linguistic universe : an introduction to linguistics

See in catalogue

Peace & Justice Studies

Butler, Robert Olen (ed.)

PN6120.95 .P34B47 2021

The best peace fiction : a social justice anthology

See in catalogue

McCracken, Vic (ed.)

BR115 .J8C47 2014

Christian faith and social justice : five views

See in catalogue

Matyók, Thomas (ed.)

JZ5534 .C745 2011

Critical issues in peace and conflict studies : theory, practice, and pedagogy

See in catalogue

Withers, A. J.

HD7287.96 .C32T6 2021

Fight to win : inside poor people's organizing

See in catalogue

Autesserre, Séverine

JZ5538 .A869 2021

The frontlines of peace : an insider's guide to changing the world

See in catalogue

Freeman, Michael

JC571 .F675 2017

Human rights

See in catalogue

Basok, Tanya

HM671 .B38 2013

Issues in social justice : citizenship and transnational struggles

See in catalogue

Caspersen, Nina

JZ5538 .C375 2017

Peace agreements : finding solutions to intra-state conflicts

See in catalogue

Smith, David J.

JZ5534 .S64 2016

Peace jobs : a student's guide to starting a career working for peace

See in catalogue

Frederking, Lauretta Conklin

HM671 .F74 2015

Reconstructing social justice

See in catalogue


Duncan, Stewart

B825 .D85 2022

Materialism from Hobbes to Locke

See in catalogue

Political Studies

Kordan, Bohdan S.

FC251 .U47K665 2020

Canada and the Ukrainian crisis

See in catalogue

Dej, Erin

HV4509 .D45 2020

A complex exile : homelessness and social exclusion in Canada

See in catalogue

Williams, Raymond

HM623 .W54 2022

Culture and politics : class, writing, socialism

See in catalogue

Carter, Angela V.

HD9574 .C23A54 2020

Fossilized environmental policy in Canada's petro-provinces

See in catalogue

Frowe, Helen

U22 .F76 2016

The Ethics of War and Peace : an Introduction

See in catalogue

Farrow, Trevor C.W. (ed.)

KF336 .J87 2020

The justice crisis : the cost and value of accessing law

See in catalogue

Judt, Tony

HX261.5 .J83 2011

Marxism and the French Left : studies on labour and politics in France, 1830-1981

See in catalogue

Farrelly, Trisia (ed.)

TD798 .P53 2021

Plastic legacies : pollution, persistence, and politics

See in catalogue

Carroll, William K. (ed.)

HD9574 .C22R44 2021

Regime of obstruction : how corporate power blocks energy democracy

See in catalogue


Ungar, Michael

BF698.35 .R47U54 2019

Change your world : the science of resilience and the true path to success

See in catalogue

Greenberg, Sarah Stein

BF408 .G67 2021

Creative acts for curious people : how to think, create, and lead in unconventional ways

See in catalogue

Morrow, Marina (ed.)

RA790.5 .C85 2017

Critical inquiries for social justice in mental health

See in catalogue

Smolkin, Doran

R724 .S575 2019

Debating health care ethics : Canadian contexts

See in catalogue

Northcott, Herbert C.

BF789 .D4N67 2017

Dying and death in Canada

See in catalogue

Jagger, Susan (ed.)

LB1139.3 .C3E34 2019

Early years education and care in Canada : a historical and philosophical overview

See in catalogue

Murray, Katherine

RT87 .T45M85 2016

Essentials in hospice and palliative care : a practical resource for every nurse

See in catalogue

Moskop, John C.

RA427.25 .M674 2016

Ethics and health care : an introduction

See in catalogue

Kirmayer, Laurence J. (ed.)

RC451.5 .I5H44 2009

Healing traditions : the mental health of Aboriginal peoples in Canada

See in catalogue

Siegler, Robert

BF721 .H69 2020

How children develop (6th edition)

See in catalogue

Stewart, Suzanne L. (ed.)

RC451.5 .I5 I64 2017

Indigenous cultures and mental health counselling : four directions for integration with counselling psychology

See in catalogue

Katz, Richard

GN502 .K37 2017

Indigenous healing psychology : honoring the wisdom of the first peoples

See in catalogue

Dueck, Alvin (ed.)

BL53 .I53 2021

Indigenous psychology of spirituality : in my beginning is my end

See in catalogue

Picard, André

HV1475 .A3A257 2021

Neglected no more : the urgent need to improve the lives of Canada's elders in the wake of a pandemic

See in catalogue

Karlawish, Jason

RC523 .K375 2021

The problem of Alzheimer's : how science, culture, and politics turned a rare disease into a crisis and what we can do about it

See in catalogue

Walmsley, Christopher

HV745 .B7W34 2005

Protecting Aboriginal children

See in catalogue

Al-Solaylee, Kamal

GN517 .A47 2021

Return : why we go back to where we come from

See in catalogue

McCallum, Mary Jane Logan

E78 .M25M36 2018

Structures of indifference : An Indigenous life and death in a Canadian city

See in catalogue

Ball, Jessica

E96.2 .B35 2006

Supporting Indigenous children's development : community-university partnerships

See in catalogue

Kortes-Miller, Kathy

BF789 .D4K67 2018

Talking about death won't kill you : the essential guide to end-of-life conversations

See in catalogue

Kahneman, Daniel

BF441 .K238 2011

Thinking, fast and slow

See in catalogue

Butala, Sharon

PS8553 .U6967Z46 2021

This strange visible air : essays on aging and the writing life

See in catalogue

Carranza, Leonarda (ed.)

P40 .T66 2021

Tongues : on longing and belonging through language

See in catalogue

Ungar, Michael

BF723 .R46U54 2015

Working with children and youth with complex needs : 20 skills to build resilience

See in catalogue

Religion & Culture

Firestone, Shulamith

PS3556 .I727A38 1998

Airless spaces

See in catalogue

De Mori, Geraldo L. (ed.)

BX880 .C612 2021 no.4

Amazonia : gift and tasks

Series: Concilium

See in catalogue

Loubser, J. H. N. (Johannes Henoch Neethling)

CC75.7 .L68 2003

Archaeology : the comic

See in catalogue

Sison, Antonio D.

BR115 .C8S569 2021

The art of indigenous inculturation : grace on the edge of genius

See in catalogue

Book cover with a photo of ancient ruins

Bryce, Trevor

G2206 .S1A8 2016

Atlas of the ancient Near East : from prehistoric times to the Roman imperial period

See in library

Nono, Grace

BF1622 .P6N66 2021

Babaylan sing back : Philippine shamans and voice, gender, and place

See in catalogue

Black book cover with large photo of an egg

Magat, Margaret

GT2853 .P45 2021

Balut : fertilized eggs and the making of culinary capital in the Filipino diaspora

See in catalogue

Plain book cover

Phillips, Adam

BF173 .P568 1998

The beast in the nursery : on curiosity and other thoughts

See in catalogue

Book cover that depicts two people dancing

Crawley, Ashon T.

BH39 .C734 2017

Blackpentecostal breath : the aesthetics of possibility

See in catalogue

Barron, Robert E. (presenter)

BT999 .B377 2021

The Creed

See in catalogue

Gruber, Margareta (ed.)

BX880 .C612 2021 no.5

The end of life : making sense of our finitude

Series: Concilium

See in catalogue

Book cover with painting of Jesus depicted

Ludlow, Elizabeth (ed.)

PN57 .J47F54 2020

The figure of Christ in the long nineteenth century

See in catalogue

Rogers, Guy MacLean

DS122.8 .R64 2021

For the freedom of Zion : The great revolt of Jews against Romans, 66-74 CE

See in catalogue

Book cover with director, Martin Scorsese speaking to two other people

Casillo, Robert

PN1998.3 .S39C38 2006

Gangster priest : the Italian American cinema of Martin Scorsese

See in catalogue

Origen ; translated by Elizabeth Ann Dively Lauro

BR60 .F3O7513H66

Homilies on Isaiah

Series: Fathers of the Church

See in catalogue

Plain book cover

Origen ; translated by Joseph W. Trigg

BR60 .F3O7513

Homilies on the Psalms : Codex Monacensis Graecus 314

Series: Fathers of the Church

See in catalogue

Haslanger, Sally Anne

HM641 .H37 2021

Ideology in practice : what does ideology do?

Series: Aquinas Lecture

See in catalogue

Plain book cover

Abraham, Susan (ed.)

BX880 .C612 2021 no.3

Incarnation in a post/human age

Series: Concilium

See in catalogue

Book cover with scene from Wolf of Wall Street featuring Leonardo Dicaprio and Matthew McConaughey

O'Brien, Catherine

PN1998.3 .S39O27 2018

Martin Scorsese's divine comedy : movies and religion

See in catalogue

Paredes, Oona

GN671 .P5P37 2013

A Mountain of Difference : the Lumad in Early Colonial Mindanao

See in catalogue

Heaney, Maeve Louise

ML3921 .H43 2012

Music as theology : what music has to say about the Word

See in catalogue

Khabeer, Su'ad Abdul

E185.625 .K524 2016

Muslim cool : race, religion, and hip hop in the United States

See in catalogue

Ho, Huang Po (ed.)

BX880 .C612 2022 no.1

New developments in theology in Asia

Series: Concilium

See in catalogue

Morris, Mitchell

ML3477 .M68 2013

The persistence of sentiment : display and feeling in popular music of the 1970s

See in catalogue

Friend, Theodore (ed.)

BL2130 .R45 2006

Religion and religiosity in the Philippines and Indonesia : essays on state, society, and public creeds

See in catalogue

Cann, Candi K. (ed.)

BL504 .R695 2018

The Routledge handbook of death and the afterlife

See in catalogue

Barnett, Christopher B. (ed.)

PN1995.9 .R4S355 2019

Scorsese and religion

See in catalogue

Maoz, Zeev

BL65 .I55M36 2020

Scriptures, shrines, scapegoats, and world politics : religious sources of conflict and cooperation in the modern era

See in catalogue

Phillips, Adam

PN56 .P92P52 2007

Side effects

See in catalogue

Andraos, Michael (ed.)

BX880 .C612 2021 no.2


Series: Concilium

See in catalogue

Hornsby, Teresa J.

BT708 .H676 2016

Transgender, intersex and Biblical Interpretation

See in catalogue

Bautista, Julius

BX2159 .S37B38 2019

The way of the cross : suffering selfhoods in the Roman Catholic Philippines

See in catalogue

Schlegel, Stuart A.

DS666 .T6S36 2003

Wisdom from a rainforest : the spiritual journey of an anthropologist

See in catalogue


Knudson, Sarah

HM586 .K55 2019

Committing sociology : critical perspectives on our social world

See in catalogue

Fritsch, Kelly (ed.)

HV1559 .C3D64 2022

Disability injustice : confronting criminalization in Canada

See in catalogue

Pompper, Donnalyn (ed.)

BF175.5 .M37R447 2022

Rhetoric of masculinity : male body image, media, and gender role stress/conflict

See in catalogue