Week of: February 16-22, 2020

Focus Features

Pope Francis : A man of his word

BX1378.7 .P674 2018

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Talbot, Alice-Mary Maffry

Varieties of monastic experience in Byzantium, 800-1453

BX2435 .T35 2019

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Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

Catholicism: The pivotal players (DVD)

BX4651.3 .C281 2016

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Mark David Hall (ed.)

America and the just war tradition: A history of U.S. conflicts

E181 .A36 2019

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Penny Gurstein (ed.)

Planning on the edge: Vancouver and the challenges of reconciliation, social justice, and sustainable development

HT169 .C22V366 2019

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Harmon, Alexandra

Reclaiming the reservation: Histories of Indian sovereignty suppressed and renewed

KF8390 .H37 2019

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Week of: February 2-8, 2020

Acosta, Miguel

Karol Wojtyla's personalist philosophy: Understanding Person & act

B105 .A35J6423 2016

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Feser, Edward

Aristotle's revenge: The metaphysical foundations of physical and biological science

BD581 .F47 2019

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Feser, Edward

The last superstition: A refutation of the new atheism

BL473 .F47 2008

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Levine, Amy-Jill

The Gospel of Luke

BS2595.53 .L48 2018

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Pollefeyt, Didier

Ethics and theology after the Holocaust

BT93 .P6554 2018

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Feser, Edward

Five proofs of the existence of God

BT103 .F47 2017

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Kierkegaard, Søren

Søren Kierkegaard: Discourses and writings on spirituality

BX4827 .K5A25 2019

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Martin Schlag (ed.)

A Catholic spirituality for business: The logic of gift

HF5388 .C365 2019

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Christopher Hrynkow (ed.)

Spiritualities, ethics, and implications of human enhancement and artificial intelligence

Q334.7 .S65 2020

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Week of: January 26-February 1, 2020

Jacqueline Hamesse (ed.)

New perspectives on Thomas of Ireland's Manipulus florum

BV4207 .N49 2019

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Defries, David

From Sithiu to Saint-Bertin: Hagiographic exegesis and collective memory in the early medieval cults of Omer and Bertin

BX2615 .S2767D44 2019

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Knott, Helen

In my own moccasins: A memoir of resilience

E78 .B9K56 2019

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Week of: January 12-18, 2020

Leonard Cohen (narrator)

The Tibetan Book of the Dead (DVD)

BQ4487 .T53 2009

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A & E Biography

Dalai Lama: The soul of Tibet (DVD)

BQ4570 .D3535 2005

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Stefanie Knauss (ed.)

Queer theologies: Becoming the queer body of Christ

Series: Concilium, 2019 no.5

BX880 .C612 2019 no.5

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Week of: January 5-11, 2020

Wood, Adam

Thomas Aquinas on the immateriality of the human intellect

B765 .T54W625 2020

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Camenietzki, Shalom

Out of my mind: A psychologist's descent into madness and back

BF109 .C36A3 2020

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Caesarius, of Arles, Saint

Caesarii Arelatensis Expositio de Apocalypsi Sancti Iohannis

Series: Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina, v.105

BR60 .C49

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Rufinus of Aquileia 

Inquiry about the monks in Egypt

Series: Fathers of the Church, v.139

BR60 .F3H5713 2019

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Athanasius, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria

On the Incarnation

BR65 .A443D413 2011

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Starr, Mirabai

God of love: A guide to the heart of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

BR127 .S777 2012

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Tertullian, Cyprian, Origen

On the Lord's prayer

BV230 .O5 2004

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Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea

On fasting and feasts

BV5055 .B3713 2013

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Teresa, of Avila, Saint

The book of my life

BX4700 .T4A15 2007

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Davies, Libby

Outside in: A political memoir

FC636 .D39A3 2019

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Taranath, Anu

Beyond guilt trips: Mindful travel in an unequal world

G151 .T37 2019

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Graphic History Collective

Direct action gets the goods: A graphic history of the strike in Canada

HD5328 .G73 2019

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Graphic History Collective

1919: A graphic history of the Winnipeg General Strike

HD5330 .W46G73 2019

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Roberta Lexier (ed.)

Party of conscience: The CCF, the NDP, and social democracy in Canada

JL197 .N4P37 2018

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Origins of Yoga: Quest for the spiritual (DVD)

B132 .Y6O75 2005

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The long search (DVD)

BL80.2 .L66 2001

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Starr, Mirabai

Wild mercy: Living the fierce and tender wisdom of the women mystics

BL625 .S755 2019

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Friends in high places: The art of survival in modern day Burma (DVD)

BL2052 .N37F74 2001

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I believe. Islam / with Dennis Wholey (DVD)

BP42 .I853 2008

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Rumi: The wings of love and Come to life, al-Mahya (DVD)

BP189.7 .M4 2005

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Zen Buddhism: In search of self (DVD)

BQ9265.4 .Z46 2007

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Simone, Michael R.

"Your God is a devouring fire": Fire as a motif of divine presence and agency in the Hebrew Bible

BS680 .F53S56 2019

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John of the Cross, Saint

Dark night of the soul

BV5080 .J77572 2003

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Olson, Carl E.

Catholicism: Study guide

BX1751.3 .B36 2018

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Teresa, of Avila, Saint

The interior castle

BX2179 .T4C4413 2004

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Into great silence = Le grand silence (DVD)

BX3303 .I58 2007

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Children of the nakba (DVD)

DS126.92 .C45 2005

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The making of the Mahatma (DVD)

DS481 .G3M35 2003

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A curing ceremony (DVD)

DT1058 .K86C97 2007

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A Joking relationship (DVD)

DT1058 .K86J65 2005

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A new life in a new land (DVD)

FC106 .M85N49 2004

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Kartzow, Marianne Bjelland

The slave metaphor and gendered enslavement in early Christian discourse: Double trouble embodied

HT915 .K53 2018

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Turner, David M.

Disability in the Industrial Revolution: Physical impairment in British coalmining, 1780-1880

HV1552 .T87 2018

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Woods, Kim

Cut in alabaster: A material of sculpture and its European traditions 1330-1530

NB1210 .A4W66 2018

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Paradise now (DVD)

PN1997.2 .P37 2005

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Austriaco, Nicanor Pier Giorgio

Biomedicine and beatitude: An introduction to Catholic bioethics

QH332 .A97 2011

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