Week of: October 6-12, 2019

Bird, Jessalynn L. (ed.)

The Fourth Lateran Council and the crusade movement: The impact of the Council of 1215 on Latin Christendom and the East

D171 .F68 2018

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Shephard, Sue

Pickled, potted, and canned: The story of food preserving

TP371.2 .S54 2000

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Week of: September 29-October 5, 2019

Kastenbaum, Robert

Death, society, and human experience

BF789 .D4K36 2007

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Noss, David S.

A history of the world's religions

BL80.2 .N59 1999

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Gualtieri, Antonio R.

The Vulture and the bull: Religious responses to death

BL504 .G79 1984

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Ludwig, Theodore M.

The sacred paths of the East

BL1033 .L83 2006

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Day, Terence P.

The conception of punishment in early Indian literature

BL1147 .D39 1982

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Watson, Burton (trans.)

The Lotus Sutra: And its opening and closing sutras

BQ2052 .E5W385 2009

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Qin, Wen-jie

To the land of bliss (DVD)

BQ8512.9 .C6Q256 2002

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Takahatake, Takamichi

Young man Shinran: A reappraisal of Shinran's life

BQ8749 .S557T34 1987

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Brière, Émile

Under Mary's mantle: Our Lady's love for Canada

BX1421.2 .B75 2000

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Torchia, Adela DiUbaldo

Brother fire, sister earth: The way of Francis of Assisi for a socially responsible world

BX4700 .F6T67 1993

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Holtzman, Jon

Nuer journeys, Nuer lives: Sudanese refugees in Minnesota

F615 .S77H65 2000

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Ferraro, Gary P

Cultural anthropology: An applied perspective

GN316 .F46 1992

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Coast Learning Systems

Cultural anthropology: Our diverse world (DVD Series)

GN357 .C8 2008

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Fuller, R. Buckminster

Utopia or oblivion: The prospects for humanity

HX810 .F962 1969

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Warner Bros. 

The Color Purple (DVD)

PN1997 .C656 2007

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Dreamworks Pictures

The Legend of Bagger Vance (DVD)

PN1997.2 .L43 2001

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Week of: September 22-28, 2019

Smith, Anthony D

Nationalism: Theory, ideology, history

JC311 .S5392 2010

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Beckman, James

The religious dimension of Socrates' thought

B318 .R4B4

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Arnett, Willard E.

Religion and judgment: An essay on the method and meaning of religion

BL51 .A74 1966

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Ludwig, Theodore M

The sacred paths: Understanding the religions of the world

BL80.2 .L83 1989

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Carmody, Denise Lardner

Ways to the center: An introduction to world religions

BL80.3 .C34 2006

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Introduction by Robert Graves

New Larousse encyclopedia of mythology

BL311 .L33 1972

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Wang, Yi'e

Daoism in China

BL1910 .W36513 2004

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Powers, John (ed.)

The Buddhist world

BQ4055 .B8535 2016

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Tai, Michael Cheng-Teh

In search of justice: The development of the social teachings in Asian churches

BR1065 .T35 1985

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Gräbe, Petrus J.

New covenant, new community: The significance of biblical and patristic covenant theology for contemporary understanding

BT155 .G73 2006

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Soskice, Janet Martin  (ed.)

Feminism and theology

BT83.55 .F44 2003

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Chai, Ling

A heart for freedom: The remarkable journey of a young dissident, her daring escape, and her quest to free China's daughters

BV4935 .L525A3 2011

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Hogan, Linda (ed.)

Technology: Between apocalypse and integration

BX880 .C612 2019 no.3

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Trevisan, Sara (ed.)

Mythical ancestry in world cultures, 1400 - 1800

CS16 .M984 2018

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Laughlin, William S

Aleuts, survivors of the Bering Land Bridge

E99 .A34L38

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Saunders, Kelly

Métis politics and governance in Canada

E99 .M47S28 2019

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Bouchard, Dave

Happy centennial Saskatchewan

FC3511.2 .B683 2004

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Fedorak, Shirley

Windows on the world: Case studies in anthropology

GN378 .F43 2006

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Brachmann, Christoph (ed.)

Arrayed in splendour: Art, fashion and textiles in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

GT575 .A77 2018

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Dermineur, Elise M. 

Women and credit in pre-industrial Europe

HG3701 .W66 2018

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McPherson, Barry D

Aging as a social process: An introduction to individual and population aging

HQ1061 .M38 1990

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Kaufman, Alexander L. 

Food and feast in modern outlaw tales

HV6441 .F77 2019

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McGrane, David

The new NDP: Moderation, modernization, and political marketing

JL197 .N4M34 2019

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Ikeda, Daisaku

Soka education: A Buddhist vision for teachers, students, and parents

LB880 .I36A3 2001

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Andrew Ladis Trecento Conference

Art and experience in Trecento Italy: Proceedings of the Andrew Ladis Trecento Conference, New Orleans, November 10-12, 2016

N6915 .A53 2018

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Olympios, Michalis

Building the sacred in a crusader kingdom: Gothic church architecture in Lusignan Cyprus, c. 1209-c. 1373

NA5990 .C9O49 2018

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Panayotova, Stella (ed.)

Manuscripts in the making: Art & science. Volume 1 and 2

ND2900 .M36 2017 v.1 & 2

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Caviness, Madeline Harrison

Women and Jews in the Sachsenspiegel picture-books

ND3399 .S334C38 2018

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Clanchy, Michael T.

Looking back from the invention of printing: Mothers and the teaching of reading in the Middle Ages

P211.3 .G7C53 2018

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Góráin, Fiachra Mac (ed.)

The Cambridge companion to Virgil

PA6825 .C35 2019

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Seow, C. L. (Choon Leong)

A grammar for Biblical Hebrew

PJ4567 .S424 1995

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Ikeda, Daisaku

Songs from my heart: Poems and photographs

PL853 .K33W2913 1978

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Males, Mikael (ed.)

Etymology and wordplay in medieval literature

PN682 .A5E89 2018

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Wolf Hall (DVD)

PN1992.77 .W65 2015

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Cruse, Mark (ed.)

Performance and theatricality in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

PN2152 .P47 2018

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Barański, Zygmunt G. (ed.)

The Cambridge companion to Dante's Commedia

PQ4390 .C279 2019

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Karáth, Tamás

Richard Rolle : the fifteenth-century translations

PR2136 .K37 2018

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Hamlin, Hannibal (ed.)

The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare and religion

PR3011 .C285 2019

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Magnusson, Lynne (ed.)

The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare's language

PR3072 .C36 2019

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Bell, Christopher E. (ed.)

Inside the world of Harry Potter: Critical essays on the books and films

PR6068 .O93Z73365 2018

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Carpenter, David (ed.)

Literary History of Saskatchewan : Volume 1 - Beginnings

PS8131 .S3L58 v.1

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Carpenter, David (ed.)

Literary History of Saskatchewan : Volume 2 - Progressions

PS8131 .S3L58 v.2

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