Week of: December 1-7, 2019

Origins of Yoga: Quest for the spiritual (DVD)

B132 .Y6O75 2005

See in catalogue

The long search (DVD)

BL80.2 .L66 2001

See in catalogue

Friends in high places: The art of survival in modern day Burma (DVD)

BL2052 .N37F74 2001

See in catalogue

I believe. Islam / with Dennis Wholey (DVD)

BP42 .I853 2008

See in catalogue

Rumi: The wings of love and Come to life, al-Mahya (DVD)

BP189.7 .M4 2005

See in catalogue

Zen Buddhism: In search of self (DVD)

BQ9265.4 .Z46 2007

See in catalogue

Into great silence = Le grand silence (DVD)

BX3303 .I58 2007

See in catalogue

Children of the nakba (DVD)

DS126.92 .C45 2005

See in catalogue

The making of the Mahatma (DVD)

DS481 .G3M35 2003

See in catalogue

A curing ceremony (DVD)

DT1058 .K86C97 2007

See in catalogue

A Joking relationship (DVD)

DT1058 .K86J65 2005

See in catalogue

A new life in a new land (DVD)

FC106 .M85N49 2004

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Paradise now (DVD)

PN1997.2 .P37 2005

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Week of: November 24-30, 2019

The Clay Sanskrit Library

Various Call Numbers

See in catalogue

Carmody, Denise Lardner

Stories of Eastern religions

BL80.2 .S3385 1991

See in catalogue

Braj M. Sinha (ed.)

The Contemporary essays on the Bhagavad Gītā

BL1138.66 .C66 1995

See in catalogue

Julian F. Pas (ed.)

The Turning of the tide: Religion in China today

BL1802 .T87 1989

See in catalogue

John Corrigan [and others] (ed.)

Readings in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

BM561 .R43 1998

See in catalogue

Ikeda, Daisaku

Global civilization: A Buddhist-Islamic dialogue

BP173 .B9I33 2003

See in catalogue

Ikeda, Daisaku

The Flower of Chinese Buddhism

BQ626 .I38 1986

See in catalogue

Bachiarii opera: De fide necnon Epistula ad Ianuarium, quibus accedunt epistulae duae quae eidem adtributae sunt

Corpus Christianorum Series Latina, v.69C

BR60 .C49 v.69C

See in catalogue

Morgan, G. Campbell

The parables and metaphors of Our Lord

BT365 .M67 1943

See in catalogue

Ikeda, Daisaku

One by one

CB430 .I44 2005

See in catalogue

Wu, Yiching

The cultural revolution at the margins: Chinese socialism in crisis

DS778.7 .W85 2014

See in catalogue

Bascom, William Russell

The Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria

DT513 .B29 1969

See in catalogue

Ewen, Elizabeth

Immigrant women in the land of dollars: Life and culture on the Lower East Side, 1890-1925

F128.9 .I8E83 1985

See in catalogue

Glenn, Susan A.

Daughters of the Shtetl: Life and labor in the immigrant generation

HD6073 .C62U54 1990

See in catalogue

Angela V. John (ed.)

Unequal opportunities: Women's employment in England 1800-1918

HD6136 .U54 1985

See in catalogue

Walkowitz, Judith R.

Prostitution and Victorian society: Women, class, and the state

HQ185 .A5W34

See in catalogue

Buckingham, Susan

Gender and environment

HQ1075 .B8 2000

See in catalogue

Sarah Gamble (ed.)

The Routledge companion to feminism and postfeminism

HQ1115 .R68 2001

See in catalogue

Karen Offen (ed.)

Writing women's history: International perspectives

HQ1121 .W96 1991

See in catalogue

Scott, Joan Wallach

Gender and the politics of history

HQ1154 .S335 1988

See in catalogue

Carnes, Mark C.

Secret ritual and manhood in Victorian America

HS204 .C37 1989

See in catalogue

Moore, Richard

England's marvelous Gothic cathedrals and churches

NA5461 .M66 2019

See in catalogue

Hingston, Kylee-Anne

Articulating bodies: The narrative form of disability and illness in Victorian fiction

PR878 .D57A78 2019

See in catalogue

Week of: November 17-23, 2019

Elders, Leo

The ethics of St. Thomas Aquinas: Happiness, natural law and the virtues

B765 .T54E36 2019

See in catalogue

Sawada, Janine Anderson

Practical pursuits : religion, politics, and personal cultivation in nineteenth-century Japan

BL2211 .S73S28 2004

See in catalogue

St. Basil the Great

On Social Justice

BR65 .B33E6 2009

See in catalogue

The new Strong's exhaustive concordance of the Bible : with main concordance, appendix to the main concordance, topical index to the Bible, dictionary of the Hebrew Bible, dictionary of the Greek Testament

BS425 .S8 1990

See in catalogue

Ryrie, Charles Caldwell

The Ryrie study Bible: New Testament, King James version : with introductions, annotations, outlines, marginal references, subject index, harmony of the Gospels, maps Timeline charts

BS2085 1976 .C48

See in catalogue

Jacob of Serug

On the Mother of God

BT608 .J3313 1998

See in catalogue

Crosby, John F.

The personalism of John Henry Newman

BX4705 .N5C69 2014

See in catalogue

Norton, John

A Mohawk memoir from the War of 1812

FC443 .N67A3 2019

See in catalogue

Shakespeare survey: An annual survey of Shakespearian study and production

Volume 72: Shakespeare on War

PR2888 .C3 v.72

See in catalogue

Mitchell, Stephen

Parables and portraits

PS3563 .I8235P37 1990

See in catalogue

Condic, Samuel B.

Human embryos, human beings: A scientific & philosophical approach

QM608 .C66 2018

See in catalogue

Week of: November 10-16, 2019

Meyer, Johannes

Women's history in the age of Reformation: Johannes Meyer's chronicle of the Dominican observance

BX3535 .S6M4913 2019

See in catalogue

Week of: November 3-9, 2019

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association : the official guide to APA style

BF76.7 .A51 2020

See in catalogue

Young, Serinity (ed.)

Encyclopedia of women and world religion, v.1 & 2

REF BL458 .E63 1999

See in catalogue

Coogan, Michael D. (ed.)

Eastern religions: Origins, beliefs, practices, holy texts, sacred places

BL1033 .E19 2005

See in catalogue

Alter, James P. (and others)

The Church as Christian community : three studies of North Indian Churches

BR1155 .H3 1966

See in catalogue

Freed, Edwin D.

The New Testament: A critical introduction

BS2330.2 .F73 1991

See in catalogue

Newman, John Henry

An essay on the development of Christian doctrine

BT21 .N5 1845

See in catalogue

Cannon, Martin J.

Men, masculinity, and the Indian Act

E98 .M44C36 2019

See in catalogue

Savage, Candace Sherk

A geography of blood: Unearthing memory from a prairie landscape

FC3545 .C96S38 2012

See in catalogue

Lewis, David L. 

The Automobile and American culture

HE5623 .A812 1983

See in catalogue

Croteau, David

Experience sociology, 4th edition

HM585 .C76 2020

See in catalogue

Coward, Harold G.

Word, chant, and song: Spiritual transformation in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism

ML3197 .C68 2019

See in catalogue

Monier-Williams, Monier, Sir

A Sanskrit-English dictionary etymologically and philologically arranged with special reference to cognate Indo-European languages

REF PK933 .M62 1960

See in catalogue

Gamble, Adam

A public betrayed: An inside look at Japanese media atrocities and their warnings to the West

PN5417 .O24G36 2004

See in catalogue

Carpenter, David (ed.)

The literary history of Saskatchewan. Volume 3, Advances

PS8131 .S3L58 v.3

See in catalogue

Week of: October 27-November 2, 2019

Pals, Daniel L.

Eight theories of religion

BL41 .P36 2006

See in catalogue

Paden, William E.

Religious worlds: The comparative study of religion

BL48 .P22 1988

See in catalogue

Esposito, John L. (and others)

World religions today

BL80.2 .E76 2009

See in catalogue

Oxtoby, Willard G. 

World religions: Western traditions

BL80.2 .W672 2010

See in catalogue

Young, William A.

The world's religions: Worldviews and contemporary issues

BL80.3 .Y68 2013

See in catalogue

Ikeda, Daisaku

Buddhism, the first millennium

BQ4055 .I3913 1977

See in catalogue

Ikeda, Daisaku

Buddhism and the Cosmos

BQ4570 .C6I39 1985

See in catalogue

In pursuit of peace: A profile of Daisaku Ikeda

BQ8449 .I387I5 2007

See in catalogue

Armstrong, Herbert W.

The United States and Britain in prophecy

BS649 .G7A83 1980

See in catalogue

Tataryn, Myroslaw I. 

Windows to the East: Eastern Christians in a dialogue of charity

BX320.3 .W56 2001

See in catalogue

Sabada, Lesya

Go to the deep: The life of Archbishop Joseph M. Raya : nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize

BX4711 .R29S24 2007

See in catalogue

Kiang, Clyde

The Hakka Odyssey & their Taiwan homeland

DS731 .H3K52 1992

See in catalogue

Sharma, Satya P.

Immigrants and refugees in Canada: A national perspective on ethnicity, multiculturalism and cross-cultural adjustment

FC104 .I32 1991

See in catalogue

Ikeda, Daisaku

On being human: Where medicine, ethics and spirituality converge

R724 .I3313 2002

See in catalogue


Safavi, Seyed G. (ed.)

A comparative study on Islamic and Western philosophy

B799 .C66 2002

See in catalogue

Dye, James W. (compiler)

Religions of the world: selected readings

BL29 .D95 1967

See in catalogue

Hutchison, John Alexander

Paths of Faith

BL80.2 .H78 1991

See in catalogue

Markham, Ian (ed.)

A world religions reader

BL80.3 .W658 2009

See in catalogue

John Y. Fenton

Religions of Asia

BL1032 .R45 1983

See in catalogue


The writings of Nichiren Daishonin

BQ8349 .N573E53 2003

See in catalogue

Machacek, David 

Global citizens: The Soka Gakkai Buddhist Movement in the world

BQ8412.8 .M33 2000

See in catalogue

Ikeda, Daisaku

Unlocking the mysteries of birth and death: Buddhism in the contemporary world

BQ8415.4 .I43 1988

See in catalogue

Ikeda, Daisaku

The way of youth: Buddhist common sense for handling life's questions

BQ8436 .I36 2000

See in catalogue

Peterson, R. Dean

A concise history of Christianity

BR145.2 .P47 2000

See in catalogue

Milligan, W. J.

The new nomads: Challenges facing Christians in Western Europe

BR735 .M54 1984

See in catalogue

Cooley, Frank L.

Indonesia: Church & society

BR1220 .C66 1968

See in catalogue

Head, Tom

Absolute beginner's guide to the Bible

BS475.3 .H43 2005

See in catalogue

Kameeta, Zephania

Why, O Lord? : Psalms and sermons from Namibia

BS1440 .K33 1986

See in catalogue

Castro, Emilio

Sent free: Mission and unity in the perspective of the kingdom

BV2063 .C367 1985

See in catalogue

Devanandan, Paul David

Christian issues in southern Asia

BV3250 .D4 1963

See in catalogue

Andraos, Michel (ed.)

Christianities and indigenous peoples

BX880 .C612 2019 no.4

See in catalogue

Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland

The code of canon law, in English translation

BX1935 .C3813 1983

See in catalogue

Schner, George P. (ed.)

Ignatian spirituality in a secular age

BX2179 .L8135 1984

See in catalogue

Canon Law Society of America

Code of canons of the Eastern Churches: New English translation

BX4710.52 .C38 2001

See in catalogue

Miroslav Labunka (ed.)

The Ukrainian Catholic Church, 1945-1975: A symposium held at La Salle College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 19, 1975

BX4711.62 .U47 1976

See in catalogue

Kublin, Hyman

India, selected readings

DS423 .K95 1968

See in catalogue

Mason, Philip (ed.)

India and Ceylon, unity and diversity: A symposium

DS430 .M41 1967

See in catalogue

Evans-Pritchard, E. E. (ed.)

Man and woman among the Azande

DT132 .E92M2

See in catalogue

Nock, David A.

A Victorian missionary and Canadian Indian policy: Cultural synthesis vs cultural replacement

E96.2 .N62 1988

See in catalogue

Dawood, Nawaz

Tea and poverty: Plantations and the political economy of Sri Lanka

HC424 .D36 1980

See in catalogue

Loney, Shaun

An army of problem solvers: reconciliation and the solutions economy

HD60 .L63 2016

See in catalogue

Loney, Shaun

The beautiful bailout: How a social innovation scale-up will solve government's priciest problems

HD60 .L664 2018

See in catalogue

Wynne, Alison (compiler)

No time for crying: Stories of Philippine women who care for their country and its people

HQ1757 .N6 1979

See in catalogue

Nario-Redmond, Michelle R.

Ableism: The causes and consequence of disability prejudice

HV1568 .N37 2020

See in catalogue

Hattstein, Markus (ed.)

Islam: Art and architecture

N6260 .I72513 2004

See in catalogue


Ikeda, Daisaku

The human revolution, volumes 1-5

PL830 .K4N7 v.1-5

See in catalogue

Shakespeare, William

The Tempest

PR2833 .A2W75

See in catalogue