Research Area(s)

  • Logic
  • Philosophy and History of Logic
  • Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophical Psychology/Anthropology
  • Bertrand Russell, Gotlob Frege, L. Wittgenstein, Aquinas and Aristotle


  • BA, Honours, Mathematics and Philosophy, 1991, McMaster University
  • MA, Philosophy, 1993, McMaster University
  • PhD (ABD) University of Toronto

Research Projects

  • Logical Pluralism
  • Non-Existent Objects
  • Nature of Truth
  • Global Skepticism
  • Texts on Aristotelian Logic and Critical Thinking

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Review of Romantic Intimacy, Stanford, for BARS (British Association for Romantic Studies)
  • Review of Aristotle and Induction: Creating Something from Nothing, Dialogue 
  • Review of Insight and Inference: Descartes’s Founding Principle and Modern Philosophy, Dialogue. 
  • “Skepticism and the Future of Philosophy” delivered on the 6’th of March 2011 for the University of Saskatchewan’s “Philosophy and the Community” Series.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Introductions to Philosophy: Phil 110, 120, 133
  • Modern Symbolic Logic, Phil 241
  • Aritostotelian Logic, 240
  • Critical Thinking Phil 140
  • Nature of Material Reality, Philosophy of Human Nature, Environmental Philosophy, Biomedical Ethics, On Skepticism (for SSCL)

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Best Practice Research regarding Revision of STM Philosophy Department Logic Requirement, May to September, 2007