Picture of  Darlene Kelly

Darlene Kelly Emerita Professor

Research Area(s)

  • Modern Catholic writers
  • Life writings
  • Comparative literature


  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Windsor)
  • Master of Arts (University of Windsor)
  • Bachelor of Education (University of Toronto)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (University of Toronto)

Research Projects

  • Gabrielle Roy’s Sacramental Vision and the Environmental Movement

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • “Gabrielle Roy's Prophetic Vision: How a Canadian Novelist Anticipated Vatican II.” The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture Vol. 29, Issue 3 (Fall 2017): 177-189. https://doi.org/10.3138/jrpc.29.3.3140.
  • "A Bird Between the Prison Bars: Gabrielle Roy's Spiritual Calling," Renascence 65.3 (Spring 2013), 164-86.
  • “ ‘Of all that is and of all that might be:’ Gabrielle Roy’s Teilhardian Ideas,” Religion and Literature 44.3 (Autumn 2012), 1-31.
  • “Gabrielle Roy and Chekhov’s ‘Strange Alchemy’.”  Canadian Review of Comparative Literature (June, 2007), 130-143.
  • “Alice Munro’s ‘Day of the Butterfly’: An American Source.” Originally published in ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature,  29 (April, 1998), 115-130.  Reprinted in Short Story Criticism, vol. 95 (February, 2007), 115-28.  Also reprinted in Children’s Literature Review, 70 (2001), 43-49.
  • “Gabrielle Roy and Translator Harry Lorin Binsse: How Their Disputes Shaped the Texts.”  Canadian Literature 187  (2006): 87-102.
  • “Thomas Haliburton and Travel Books About America.”   Originally published in Canadian Literature, 94 (Autumn,1982), 25-38.  Reprinted in Nineteenth-Century Literature: Criticism, 149 (2005), 266-73.
  • “Lost in Translation: The English Versions of Gabrielle Roy’s Early Novels.”  Studies in Canadian Literature 30.2 (2005): 96-114.
  • “A.M. Klein and the ‘Fibbiest Fabricator of Them All’, Canadian Poetry: Studies/ Documents/ Reviews, 43 (Fall/Winter, 1998), 70-102.
  • “‘Either Way I Stand Condemned’: A Woman’s Place in Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman and Margaret Drabble’s The Waterfall,” English Studies in Canada  (September, 1995), 320-32.
  • “Gilbert Parker’s Portrait of French Canada: A Study in Race and Racism,” Essays on Canadian Writing, 39 (Fall,1989), 35-50.
  • “Rewriting The Imperialist: Duncan’s Revisions,” Canadian Literature, 121 (Summer, 1989), 26-38.
  • “Haliburton’s International Yankee,” The Thomas Chandler Haliburton Symposium, ed. Frank M. Tierney, Vol. XI of Reappraisals: Canadian Writers.  Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 135-49.
  • Several articles, book reviews, and translations (1980-1997) in The Chelsea Journal, Vox Benedictina, and The Canadian Catholic Review.  Inter alia “Miss Brodie on the Prairies: or What a Novel Says About Teaching,” The Canadian Catholic Review (October, 1993), 19-22; “Fathers’ Business: Catholic Priests as Canadian Writers See Them,” The Canadian Catholic Review (January, 1993), 21-30;  “Towards a Spiritual Portrait of Frances of Rome,” translated from the French of Jean Leclercq, Vox Benedictina, 3,2 (1986), 128-45;  “A Theology of the Body: The Twofold Solitude of Adam in Paradise,” translated from the French of Marcel Clément, The Canadian Catholic Review, (March, 1983), 11-14.

Teaching Responsibilities

Courses in Canadian literature, American authors, and various introductory surveys.