Picture of Donna Brockmeyer

Donna Brockmeyer PhD Librarian Emerita


  • Doctorate, Educational Leadership and Policy, University of British Columbia, 1997-2000
  • Masters of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta, 1991
  • Bachelor of Arts, High Honours, Sociology, University of Saskatchewan, 1988

Research Interests

  • Library buildings, design and architecture: St. Thomas More College Shannon Library recently won a Saskatoon Municiple Heritage Award in the Sensitive Addition category for the North Expansion. As the Library Director, I desinged a vision based on a bronze coloured, Romanesque / Renaissance theme with a barrel vault ceiling, large orbital chandelliers, over-sized large doorways to allow the transferance of light, a curved glass curtain North wall, and a fire-place. I studied Library Buildings in graduate school, and later travelled throughout 14 countries in Western Europe, visiting the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, the National Libraries of Britain, Austria and Spain, the ancient scroll library at Ephesus, the older Vatican library in Rome, and the Canadian Embassy Library in Paris, to name a few. I have also visited many of the great libraries in Canada and the United States. My first hand experience and extensive travel and study has informed my understanding of both the process and the product of  academic and public libraries.
  • Special Collections
    • The Hinz / Teunissen Memorial Collection in 20th Century Literature specialing in Anaïs Nin was donated to St. Thomas More College by Dr. John Teunissen at the passing of his wife, Dr. Evelyn Hinz. The Collection includes books, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio tapes and many original documents relating to Anaïs Nin, D.H. Lawrence and other writers and figures of the day. Dr. Hinz was the executor of the Nin literary estate. Drs. Hinz and Teunissen met at St. Thomas More College, and taught at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Manitoba.
  • Leadership within librarianship: Founding member of Northern Exposure to Leadership, an Institute by and for Canadian library leaders.
  • Library Networks: Amalgamated STM Shannon Library Catalogue with the University of Saskatchewan. Founding Coordinator for NEOS, a 20 + member consortium in Edmonton, AB and surrounding area.
  • Public Library Development and Support
  • Major Library Donor Recognition:
    • Dr. John Teunissen, donor of The Hinz / Teunissen Memorial Collection in 20th Century Literature, donated a major gift for the purposes of curating the Collection, (2013).
    • Ms. Margaret Dutli, who taught English at STM, willed over $8,000.00 to the Library for the acquistion of books for English, (2012).
    • Ms. Evelyn and Isabelle Burkitt, friends of the Brockmeyers, willed over $275,000.00 to the College to be shared between the Library and Scholarships. They had made donations to the Library in the past, enabling the building of the Special Collections cabinets, (2011).
    • Book donations from Dr. Lois Brockman and Mr. Henry Kloppenburg, 2019.

Research Projects

Sabbatical 2013-14, ongoing research:

  • Focused on the curation of the Nin Literary Collection, and was the Researcher in Residence. The Nin Literary Collection contains books, documents, photographs, recordings and memorabilia of authors and scholars such as Anaïs Nin, D. H. Lawrence, Evelyn Hinz, John Teunissen and others. It was donated to St. Thomas More College in 2004. Brockmeyer has been granted substantial funds from the donor to undertake this project. The project will involve the design and creation of a web-based exhibition, the creation of finding aids and a bibliography of holdings, and an exhibition and catalogue. The project involved research at the University of California, Los Angeles and a site visit to Louceviennes, Paris.
  • Curation of the Nin Literary Collection is ongoing.
  • Web site for the Nin Literary Collection is under development.
  • An Exhibition of the Nin Literary Collection was held in the Fall, 2015. See Library Special Collections.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Exposition of Library Based Student Research, Initiated and Hosted, Shannon Library, March 29, 2019
  • Shannon Library Newsletter and Annual Report. (2019). 
  • Journal Article: Brockmeyer, Donna. 2018. Middle Space, In in Medias Res, vol. 23, no. 1
  • Exhibition Catalogue: Brockmeyer, Donna, with Jennifer Bulmer (catalogue design) (2017). Anais Nin: The Hinz Teunissen Memorial Collection in Twentieth Century Literature. 
  • Exhibition:  Anaïs Nin and Evelyn Hinz. St. Thomas More Art Gallery, (September - October, 2015).
  • Presentation: Anaïs Nin and Evelyn Hinz. (2015). Masquerade Literary Salon, St. Thomas More College.
  • Article: Brockmeyer, Donna. (2015). Books are Still a Critical Part of our World. Prairie Messenger, Vol. 92, No. 34.
  • Presentation: Travels Abound - Anais Nin and Evelyn Hinz: (2014). Researcher in Residence, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Article: Brockmeyer, Donna. (2013). On the Shoulders of Giants: New Public Libraries for Saskatoon and Regina? Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Regina Leader Post, December 15.
  • Shannon Library Newsletter: (2013). 50th Anniversary of the Shannon Library.
  • Journal Article: Brockmeyer, Donna. (2011). Jack of All Trades, Master of One: Librarianship.  Feliciter, vol, 57, no. 2.
  • Art Exhibit and Conference: (2011).  STLHE, Heart of Higher Education.  Received $2,000.00 STM SEED Grant.
  • Book Review: Brockmeyer, Donna. (2008). Out Front with Stephen Abram: A Guide for Information Leaders. Judith A. Siess and Jonathan Lorig, eds. Chicago, IL: American Library Association. Review in Feliciter, 54(1).
  • Fundraising Concept: Brockmeyer, Donna. (2007). Sharing the Wealth Nation to Nation: A Fund Raising Concept for Libraries. Certificate of Registration of Copyright with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Registration Number 1052550. Ottawa, ON: Industry Canada.
  • Authored Book: Brockmeyer, Donna. (2005). On Sibyl's Shoulders: Seeking Soul in Library Leadership. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.
  • Book Abstract: Brockmeyer, Donna. (2005). The Art of Teaching Adults: How to Become an Exceptional Instructor and Facilitator, by Dr. Peter Renner. Vancouver, B.C. 

Teaching Responsibilities

Information Literacy - the discovery, evaluation and use of information - in the classroom or to individuals, upon request

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Library Director, Shannon Library responsible for library leadership and management
  • Strategic Vision and Planning is underway for the Shannon Library
  • Chair, Library Committee
  • Faculty Liaison, In Medias Res
  • Member, Space Planning Committee
  • Member, Steering Committee, One Book, One Province, Saskatchewan Library Association
  • Member, Adjudication and Selection Committee for Saskatoon Municipal Heritage Awards
  • Previous Administrative Responsibilities and Professioal Contributions: