Picture of  Hannah Kirby Wood

Hannah Kirby Wood Term Faculty

STM 219

Research Area(s)

  • Late medieval England, c.1100-1500
  • Involuntary poverty and patterns of charity
  • Mendicant practices and theories of poverty
  • Movements of socio-religious reform
  • Experiences of marginalized communities


  • Ph.D., Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
  • M.St., Oriel College, University of Oxford
  • B.A. (Hons), McGill University

Publications and Presentations

Recent Publications

  • ‘Defining Poverty, c.800–1450,’ in A Cultural History of Poverty in the Middle Ages, Anne M. Scott and Eliza Buhrer. A Cultural History of Poverty, series editor Steven Beaudoin. London: Bloomsbury, forthcoming.

Recent Presentations

  • ‘Finite Economies and Alms Competition: Bequests to the Friars and the Poor in the Court of Hustings Probate Records, c.1260–1430,’ Leonard D. Stokes Seminar, Dalhousie University, Halifax, March 2022
  • ‘Holy Poverty and the Pulpit: Locating the Indigent in English Mendicant Homiletic Discourse,” Seminar Series: ‘Ideology, Society, and Medieval Religion: Impositions and Negotiations,’ University of York, York, UK, January 2022
  • ‘An Unspoken Hazard: Moral Corruption of the Lay Lords in Wyclif’s Programme of Reform,’ International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, July 2019
  • ‘Corruption by Another Name? Wycliffite Solutions and the Plight of the Poor,’ 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, USA, May 2019
  • Wounds Visible and Invisible in Late Medieval Christianity, Session Chair/Organizer, 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, USA, May 2019
  • ‘Maneuvering Memory: The Use of The Testament of St Francis, c.1210–1280,’nRocky Mountain Medieval & Renaissance Association - Medieval Association of the Pacific Joint Conference, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA, April 2019
  • ‘“If we admit them, we shall be driven out”: The Politics of Preaching in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries,’ Second Conference of the International Society for Heresy Studies, New York University, New York City, USA, June 2016

Teaching Responsibilities

  • HIST 214.3 Medieval History in Film
  • HIST 221.3 Sub-Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking Britain, 400-1066
  • HIST 309.3 Crusades and Aftermath
  • HIST 222.3 Medieval England, 1000-1500
  • HIST 307.3 Medieval Biography