Bringing the Infinite into Finite Settings:Potentials and Challenges for Spiritual Care and Fine Arts-Based Practices in Catholic Health Care

A central dilemma for Catholic health care is to embody its Catholic mission while also demonstrating it can produce desirable health outcomes for all who receive services at their sites. Both St. Paul’s Hospital and the Hospice at Glengarda have committed themselves to offering spiritual care and fine arts-based services as central features of how they work to embody their respective missions. Yet spiritual care and fine arts-based services present unique challenges for measuring outcomes when patients and families receive services. The study behind this presentation therefore asked: how can the efficacy of spiritual care and fine arts-based services be measured, and how can these services be better integrated onto the frontlines of care so they can maximize their potential as crucial components of their organizations’ missions? Using a mixed-methods approach, the study team collected data from the spiritual care and fine arts-based service providers themselves, from interdisciplinary medical team members, and from patients and family members. This seminar will present the results of this initial study, and offer insights regarding how this work will continue.



The Chelsea Seminar Series is a venue for faculty to share their research. Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to attend.

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03:30 PM - 05:00 PM CST
Chelsea Commons


Daniel Regnier