Trevor Herriot

Featured in November 2021

Trevor Herriot feature display, November 2021

Trevor Herriot began his academic career at STM in 1976.  He earned both an undergraduate and honours degree.  Herriot was named STM College Distinguished Alumnus in 2018 and received an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Saskatchewan in 2021.

STM was honoured to have Herriot as the guest lecturer for the 32nd Annual Michael Keenan Memorial Lecture, Thursday, November 4, 2021. The full lecture can be viewed at 2021 Keenan Memorial Lecture.

Trevor Herriot has written several award-winning books, several of which can be found at STM's Shannon Library, including:

Grass, Sky, Song:

promise and peril in the world of grassland birds

Islands of Grass

Jacob's Wound:

a search for the spirit of wildness

The Road is How:

a prairie pilgrimage through nature, desire, and soul

Towards a Prairie Atonement
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